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Another batch of music reviews that are 240 characters long or less! See part 1 here.

Steve Von Till – No Wilderness Deep Enough

via Adam Davidson

With a strikingly powerful baritone voice, Steve Von Till rings out across his landscape of gentle sounds, like a rainstorm coming in over the hills. Strings, horns and light percussion swirl and resonate for a deeply ethereal experience.

Transpacifica – Praseodymium / Pleasure Response

via Neuro…No Neuro

2 beautiful tracks brimming with emotion; massive melodic swathes of synthetic eiderdown with syncopated percussion piling up in the center. All one needs to thaw their chilled morning.

Forest Robots – After Geography

via Soulscorch

10 inspiring soundscapes of meditative, electronic, modern classical, beauty. A gentle reflexive & an immersive listening experience. Painting images with sound.

See also – full review by Soulscorch

Mourning (A) BLKstar – These Hands are Up

via Dillon

The formation of the 8 piece, Cleveland based collective happened after the murder of a dear friend of poet, writer, artist and some speaker RA Washington in 2015. This incredible band mix Soul, Blues, funk, and everything in-between.

See also – full review by Dillon

Darryl Blood – Air Drop

via Adam Davidson

Atonal and scene-shifting, Air Drop’s angular tunes can be challenging. Multiple listens are a necessity to truly absorb this album of prepared piano and jazzy improvised cascades. One for the experimental heads!

See also – full review by Endor

Forest Management – Rooftop by Dusk

via Autumn

This is why you listen to ambient music. These are the lush,refreshing and unique sounds that you look for when trying to go through hundreds of ambient releases, looking for the one that will capture your imagination and let you fantasize. Relaxing aura.

worriedaboutsatan – Time Lapse

via Soulscorch

Five songs (4 Long, 1 frustratingly short) of brooding, creepy, haunting & atmospheric, electronic ambient music, with a healthy dose of hauntronica & an added pinch of techno. Inspired by the ruins of a cursed Victorian mansion, pulled down & reclaimed by nature.

Highly Recommended

Robyn G. Shiels / Steve Nolan – Sky Drew Near

Review 1 – Soulscorch

A dark, engaging album that’s often minimal & always delightfully melancholic. A fusion of Irish folk, piano & electronic music. The unique combination of Shiels drawled vocal style & song subject matter is mirrored, exquisitely, by Nolan’s electronic wizardry.

Review 2 – Simon Vita

Shiels mournful vocals ground Nolan’s eerie soundscapes, Together they combine to form warm but somewhat unsettling dispatches from a purgatorial waystation.

Helen Money – Atomic

via Adam Davidson

Covering a wide range of styles, Helen Money brings a wealth of emotions on Atomic. Her expert instrumental playing makes for a monumental statement, sounding like a heavy metal guitar riff and a gentle orchestral movement in the same song.

Still Available for Review

Phew – Vertical Jamming (Disciples)

Robert Eggplant – Earth Sinking Into Water (Self Released)

Neuro…No Neuro – Home Office EP (Self Released)

Airstrip 101 – Central Control (Two Meters) (Self Released)

Hasufel – Lamentations Of The Foul High Priest (So Called Hell)

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