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Now that we got forum up and running, we thought the next logical step would be to let the creativity flow. And what’s a better way to accomplish that than to let everyone write a mini-review – 240 characters or less (yes, much like Twitter, except its solely about music).

Here are some reviews for our most recent batch….

Cpektir – Fleeting Visitant

via Jon

Dreamy, lo-fi nostalgia nuggets. Like a lost Boards of Canada tape you found in a box in your deceased grandparents attic. Cloudy gorgeous, drones sit aside dusty clicks and cuts, leading you through a hazy world of retro-futuristic space dust.

Sawak – The Girl Behind the Forest

via Jon

Weird and dreamy alt rock and electronica. This feels a bit like it was written by people who haven’t been allowed to leave their basement and have never heard any other music before…in the best possible way. Post punk ramblings morph into sinister synth soundtracks to art house films never realized. Comforting and frightening in equal measure.

Seffi Starshine – 夕暮れに咲く磁器の花

via Stuart

Cool, long format drones. Good for any occasion.

Emerald Comets – Strangelands

via Frogkingart

Hints of Slint and the hushed aesthetics of Trupa Trupa. Melodic and densely layered.

God No! – Too Much Future

via Patrick Barry

Insistent and artful post-punk hooks fresh out of the garage that will stick your teeth like a weird off-brand bubblegum.

Toshiya Tsunoda & Manfred Werder – Detour

via Residual Boss

A peaceful, hypnotic and curious environment. Blends indoor and outdoor sounds in a way that keeps you trying to figure out what you’re hearing. Relaxing, yet you never lose the sense of exploration. Beautifully recorded, with a satisfying use of the frequency range.

Disco Sam – Weekend at Disco’s

via Bob Twistgau

This high-and-low brow groovy gunslinger can make the Stones in Jamaica sound easy going with the right drum loop, does a solid Ariel Pink to boot.

Whettman Chelmets – 1000 Faces

via Bob Twistgau

shows how strong his instrumental music is in wielding the power of myth

Still Need to be Reviewed

Tatsuya Nakatani / Shane Parish – Interactivity

Cary Grace – Lady of Turquoise

Mzungu – With Seasonal Affect

KMRU – Peel

Hainbach – Assertion

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