Listomania – Podcasts
Listomania – Podcasts

Listomania – Podcasts

Selection of finest podcasts – based on a Twitter thread started by RANO label
Tabs Out / Norelco Mori / Electronic Explorations (suggested by RANO)
Free Black Press Radio / A History of Electronic Music (suggested by Shredderghost)
The Attic Podcast / Spools Out Radio (suggested by Bezirk / Tristan Bath)
Art + Music + Technology / Dublab / Free Form Freakout / RWM Macba / TMT Chocolate Grinder / Ultima Thule (suggested by Karl Fousek)
Hopeful Machines (suggested by Tracy Harms)
Axel de Pontbriand Podcast (suggested by John Lunny)
Suggestion from I Heart Noise
The Antidote Podcast (run by Evol Kween)
Chuck Pee / Chuck Pereda Podcast
A Duck in a Tree (run by Zoviet-France)

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