New Music Releases – Melvins – Basses Loaded
New Music Releases – Melvins – Basses Loaded

New Music Releases – Melvins – Basses Loaded

Melvins – Basses Loaded
There’s been a whirlwind of Melvins-related activity lately (from Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends to Mike & The Melvins) and now The Melvins themselves announced a new record!
Basses Loaded (out June 3rd on Ipecac) features 6 guests including Krist Novoselic, Jeff Pinkus and Trevor Dunn (plus Melvins own Dale Crover performing a cover of Take me out to the ballgame). 

The Melvins, who have a history of imaginative line-up changes, feature not one, but six different bass players on their appropriately titled new album, Basses Loaded (June 3, Ipecac Recordings).
The collection features Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover joined by Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic, Redd Kross’ Steve McDonald, Butthole Surfers’ J.D. Pinkus, Big Business’ Jared Warren,  Mr. Bungle/Fantomas’ Trevor Dunn (aka Melvins Lite) and Crover swapping the drum kit for bass in the Melvins 1983 iteration. The album’s nod to baseball, and the inclusion of the band’s own version of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” is a natural one, with Buzz and Dale often spotted at games across the country.

Read an interview that King Buzzo recently gave to Rolling Stone and/or listen to the new single Hideous Woman

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