Listening Room – New Music Suggestions for February 2019: Pt. 2
Listening Room – New Music Suggestions for February 2019: Pt. 2

Listening Room – New Music Suggestions for February 2019: Pt. 2

Second round of listening suggestions from our followers! You can find part 1 for February here.
Cleaners From Venus – Christmas in Suburbia
Man at the Off License, 1990 / Jarmusic, 1999 / Burger Records, 2012 / Captured Tracks, 2014
Suggested by Floorcore

Matt Lajoie – The Center and the Fringe
Flower Room Records, 2019

The Center and the Fringe” is a collection of four solo guitar instrumentals, recorded live with no overdubs at Flower Room’s temporary summer home in Hope, Maine, and display the most refined, spiritually inspired, and transcendent live guitar playing of his 20-year history with the instrument. Each track is based off a simple loop recorded live to LaJoie’s ubiquitous DL4, which then inspired live-looping, free-flowing automatic compositions from four to 20+ minutes in length.

Television Personalities – Beautiful Despair
Suggested by Glenn Donaldson

Ralph Carney – Clown Doll
Suggested by Ray Taafe

Clara Engel – Tangerines

O hell is a rosy-coloured land
under the sea
and if we take a bad turn
you and me we’ll go there together and plant tangerines
fiery fruit for the devil to eat

Johan Ess – Perfect Forward
Suggested by tlr

Beetle Box – Ellipsis

Enjoying this creative, minimal video from Beetle Box. Proves you don’t need much to make a cool video.

Suggested by Caliper Music

Garcia Peoples – Hangin’ On
Beyond Beyond is Beyond, 2018

Hangin’-On by Garcia Peoples from their 2018 album Cosmic Cash. Delightful shades of The Grateful Dead and The Allman Brothers Band

Suggested by LightningPsych

Chris Cohen – Edit Out

Chris Cohen (Deerhoof, Haunted Graffiti, Cass McCombs) is one of the best songwriters in the game. His single “Edit Out,” released late last year, is a restrained jazz-rock beauty. Love this guy’s tunes so, so much.

Suggested by Jason P. Woodbury

Bob Mould – What Do You Want Me to Do
Suggested by Art Jipson

Spectrum & Jessamine – Pox on You
Right back at you with and covering A Pox On You..
Suggested by Vogon Laundromat

Caetano Veloso – Tropicalia
Kitchen sink production – it’s all going on here – and the signature tune for a movement…
Suggested by Johnnie Johnstone

Tom White – Run Amok
Glistening Examples
Furtive rustles, distant fidgets. Clickety snip, Werner.
Suggested by We Need No Swords

Biosphere – The Shield
Suggested by Nodus Tollens

Moon Wiring Club – Exit Pantomime Control
“Gathering the ghosts for an eldritch dramaturgy of anachronistic hip hop and ether dream atmospheres inspired by subversive, experimental ‘70s theatre.”
Suggested by Bunkytown

Gazelle Twin – Glory
Suggested by Zoe Miller

Good Doom – Mood Life
A good day to zone out to blissful tones of Good Doom. ‘Mood Life’ EP available on Bandcamp.
Suggested by Forged Artifacts

Avec le Soleil Sortant de sa Bouche – Super Pastiche Fantastique / New Sun
Suggested by Enthusiastic Eunuch

Wire – Used To
Suggested by Johnnie Johnstone

Burning Airlines – Scissoring
Suggested by Dr. Wolfbear

Cabaret Voltaire – Spies in the Wires
Suggested by vmdTM

The Fall – Last Commands of Xyralothep via M.E.S.
Suggested by John Carty

Be Your Own Pet – Hillmont Avenue
Listened to a band earlier that reminded me of Be Your Own Pet. Tried to hear one of my favorite songs by them on Youtube or Spotify but couldn’t find it anywhere. I had it in my music library when I pirated a ton. Uploaded it but it might get taken down.
Suggested by Indiemuck

Woodbine – Neskwik
Suggested by gadgetgreen

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