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Third roundup of listening/music recommendations for August courtesy our followers! See part 1 here and part 2 here.


Molchat Doma – Etazhi (2018) (Sacred Bones)

Belarus! Love Molchat Doma. Saw them in Jan and they were tip top

via Vogon Laundromat

Oneida – Anthem of the Moon (Jagjaguwar / Rocket Recordings)

Early-period Oneida (late early period?) is still untouchable

via Phil Neff

Foetus – Hole (Some Bizarre, 1984 / 2007)

This reissue of the ongoing Foetus project by Industrial juggernaut Jim Thirlwell is by far the best of his early works. Featuring some of the artists most loved pieces from the 80’s ‘Hole’ is certainly more palatable than many of his more experimental prose, giving the genre a much needed boot up the arse with it’s use of metallic percussion and wild use of sampling.

via Ray Taafe

The Planet The – You Absorb my Vision (5 Rue Christine)

PDX prog/no wave/new wave/confusion/party trio getting even more opaque on their second

Punk, prog and new wave is what The Planet The do. Vocals entirely drowned in effects, slicing guitar, danceable beats and spacey keyboards come careening straight for your ears and don’t let up until you collapse from dancing in 9/8 time. The trio is made up of Charlie (vocals, guitar), Chip(drums), and Dave (synthesizer) who finish each others sentences. This is their second album, the first with 5RC.

Tara Jane O’Neil – Songs for Peacock (Orindal Records)

Tara Jane O’Neil has thrown off more interesting ideas than are the highlights of most careers. This album of mostly eighties covers for her dead brother delivered as fractured and dark synth pop is definitely one of them.

via Adam Grimord-Isham

Shackleton/Zimpel – Primal Forms (Cosmo Rhythmatic)

In a world seemingly hellbent on tearing itself apart, it makes perfect sense for two musicians from such disparate backgrounds and disciplines to come together to create a new musical vernacular. Sam Shackleton, returning on Cosmo Rhythmatic after his previous outing on the label as Tunes of Negation, and Polish clarinetist/multi-instrumentalist Wacław Zimpel have joined forces. Their offering is a new album for the label: three long tracks of spiritual introspection and ascensional energy. A work of unison and solidarity.

via Bill Barnett

Ataşehir – AVM (Sumatran Black Records)

A crossover of ambient and beat-less post-rock.

AVM : Turkish acronym for alışveriş merkezi or shopping center/mall

These events take place over the course of a single day.

via Crows Labyrinth

via Nick Luscombe

Song Sung – This Ascension Is Ours (Night Time Stories)

I’m sure it’s lazy to compare them to Cocteau Twins, but I’m also sure that if you like Cocteau Twins you’ll like this

Georgina and Una McGeough who comprise Song Sung, grew up in Monaghan, a gnat’s width away from the border with Northern Ireland. Despite their relative geographic isolation, theirs was a stimulating childhood. “We had a very normal upbringing, but we were music-obsessed children” says Una. “Our father played in showbands in the ’70s and ’80s, so music was very prevalent at home. Our mother applied a creative twist to everything she touched, so we inherited that mindset.”

via Bill Barnett

Icepick – Hellraiser (Astral Spirits)

Got the new Icepick from @astspiritsrec in today’s mail.


Mike Watt – Piss Bottle Man (Columbia)

from Ball-Hog Or Tugboat?

via Gargotheron

Cex Fucx – Barn Recordings Vol. 1 (PolyFonal)

a bunch of Portland Oregon “jazz punks” got together & formed Cex Fucx.revolving/evolving line-up only playing improvised music whenever a chance to play occured.this is 2007 recordings from a barn. heady stuff indeed.

via Arise

FRKTL – Prose Edda (Self Released)

Great vocal ambient sounds, really good at filling out the scene during 1) nighttime and 2) subway rides.

via Vruce Wayne

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