Music Recommendations for June 2019: Pt. 3
Music Recommendations for June 2019: Pt. 3

Music Recommendations for June 2019: Pt. 3

New Music Recommendations

Another round of listening suggestions from our followers! Find part 1 here and part 2 here.



Constant Mongrel – Shnuki (Upset the Rhythm)

The Australian band from Melbourne have been making records for nearly a decade, each album a blend of post-punk, art rock, and noise punk with a political bent at times, but always something to say. Their sound is darker and heavier than your run of the mill post-punk band, but it’s undeniably got the spirit of Wire, Swell Maps, and even Dow Jones & The Industrials within their core make-up. – Post-Trash

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Nulifer Yanya – Monsters Under The Bed (ATO Records / PIAS)

So @niluferyanya is really good at juxtaposing moods and lyrics in a simplistic, yet original way. Miss Universe is such a refreshing pop album

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Vicky Chow – A O R T A (New Amsterdam Records)

This evening’s listening: AORTA by Vicky Chow. Psyched to score an actual CD of this…it’s on Bandcamp…beautiful solo piano and electronics. You’ll love it.

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An Albatross – The Triumph of the Lazer Viking (Ace Fu Records)

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