Music Recommendations for July 2019: Pt. 3
Music Recommendations for July 2019: Pt. 3

Music Recommendations for July 2019: Pt. 3

New Music Recommendations

Third round of listening suggestions from our followers! See part 1 here and part 2 here.


Cherubs – Baby Huey (Trance Syndicate / Amphetamine Reptile)

via Mrrin213

Digawolf – Yellowstone (Self Released)

Unusually, I kept quiet on the @PolarisPrize long-list, because it has been one of the best lists in ages, however, I do feel the absence of @Digawolf’s ‘Yellowstone’ was a mistake

Produced by Jan de Vroede, with guest Ralph Carney (ao Tom Waits, Frank Black) and a hand assembled band, Yellowstone features songs in both English and Tilcho.

via Luca Capone

Momo Wandel Soumah – Afro Blue (Buda Musique)

Mad that I had to rely on Spotify’s algorithms to find this – I’m almost angry nobody told me about it before!

via Joe Muggs

Can – Uphill (Spoon Records / Mute)

Drove home to Delay 1968 by Can

via nam citsale

FDG. – Dust / Outlines (Angoisse)

I gotta rep these top shelf mind melters from @FDG___ 🌀⚡️

a collection of secrets / frayed atmospherics / archival fantasies / generative detritus / mangled visions of time / like a shadow cast upon itself

via Jake Muir

Bikini Kill – New Radio

New Radio by Bikini Kill, taken from the Peel Session recorded on 28 March 1993.

Electro Hippies – Sheep (Boss Tuneage / Break the Connection Records)

1987 demo version

via John Carty

Jenny Hval – Ashes to Ashes (Sacred Bones)

We are thrilled to announce the new @jennyhval LP, ‘The Practice of Love,’ out September 13. The first single “Ashes to Ashes” is streaming now!

Molchat Doma – S Krish Nashih Domov (Self Released)

via Vogon Laundromat

Versus – Gravity (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)

The Big Takeover is debuting another fantastic new Versus track, y’all. Do it.

Anyone who grew up in the 1990s and had their ears tuned to indie/college radio will know about the venerable and exciting Versus. They were one of the bedrock independent acts of that era, releasing music on record labels Teen-beat, Caroline, and Merge – and now some near-30 years later, Versus are still standing, as vital and influential as ever.

via Enrique Shockwave

Alan Morse Davies – Hymns (Submarine Broadcasting Company)

I had the absolute pleasure of listening to Hymns by @AMDGOAT today. Really emotional listen. Beautiful and evocative & ignited a Welsh patriotism in me I didn’t know existed haha.

via Simon Tucker

Wire – I Am The Fly (Harvest / The Pink Label)

Hi 1978 Punks,
Colin on voice , the guitar? Ring modulator pedal , it’s wonderful, Bye-Bye-Edwyn,

Edwyn Collins via Tim Hinely
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Goon – Black Finch (Partisan Records)

It’s @Goonband season

via Cheekface

Crawling Chaos – Disierta Membra (Factory Records)

1982 song “Disierta Membra” by English post-punk band Crawling Chaos. From the Factory Records album The Gas Chair.

via Sean Walters

Theo Bard – Forget (ICEA)

After first introducing himself to us with his beautifully composed debut EP ‘You Give’ in 2015, Theo Bard has spent the intervening years pushing his music further into electronic realms than ever before. Inspired by a new generation of songwriters augmenting their music with electronic sounds, he has developed a unique voice as both producer and songwriter and has returned to reveal his new brand of dark, experimental pop.

via Raised by Cassettes

Phantoms vs Fire – The Roanoke Colony Zombies (Self Released)

So this track is finished 🧟‍♂️

75 Dollar Bill – I Was Real (Thin Wrist Recordings)

Now spinning: the Hypno-Trance blues of 75 Dollar Bill, one of my favorite bands and one of my favorite releases so far this year.

via Brent Thomas 

Janek Schaefer – Robert Hampson – Christophe Charles – Stephen Vitiello – Kurt Ralske – Floating Foundation #1 (Sub Rosa)

Janek Schaefer – based in london / architect and musician

Robert Hampson – Founder of Loop and Main – a seminal musician from south London. he produced about 12 records from early 90 and participated to the ‘Gilles Deleuze unit’ with Scanner mid-90s.

Christophe Charles – French sound plastician living in Tokyo, close in mind to Markus Popp / Oval – he released “undirected 1986-1996 ” on Mille plateaux and “dok ” – a soundfile exchange between Oval and him.

Stephen Vitiello – Born in New York City in 1964,. A musician and media-artist, he is involved in the New York avant garde,. He was also a close collaborator of Nam June Paik.

Kurt Ralske – Manhattan-based composer, electronic musician, and computer audio-video artist. Described by Alternative Press as ‘proving that machines do indeed have souls’ – founder long time ago of the mythic Ultra Vivid Scene (on 4AD)

via T2,000,000

Chelsea Reject – This Is Not My Final Form (Self Released)

one of my favourite NY rap projects in recent months

via Marvins Corridor

Clara Engel – Where a City Once Drowned: The Bethlehem Tapes Vol. II (Self Released)

The lyrics are reminiscent of Walt Whitman’s free-form verse, full of abstract observations and themes that circle and double-back throughout. The album creates the feeling of being a witness to Engel’s spiritual journey, rather than recipients of a specific message. – Exclaim!

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Lucidvox – Dym


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