Music Recommendations for July 2019: Pt. 2
Music Recommendations for July 2019: Pt. 2

Music Recommendations for July 2019: Pt. 2

New Music Recommendations

Another round of listening suggestions from our followers! Find part 1 here.


Suicide – Surrender (Live)

via Nick Cyanide

Andrew Klimek – Felt Hammer (Mustard)

Please chip in for Cleveland post-punk legend & all-around awesome guy Andrew Klimeyk

And listen to this classic while you do

via Marc Masters

Bear Hands – Songs from Utopia Volume I (Self Released)

This ancient @bearhandsband EP feels like a good listen for the day after a remarkably shitty “Independence Day” (at least for this country, my personal celebration of my own independence from responsibility and/or other people was killer)

via Chris Melkus

David Colohan – Hill of the Moon (Was Ist Das Records)

This afternoon’s drones and tones: the excellent Hill of the Moon, by David Colohan, on Was Ist Das records (2016).

Nomeansno – Wrong (Alternative Tentacles)

a belter of the highest order.

via odubhda

Pekka Airaksinen – Sukirti (Buddhas Of Golden Light) (O Records)

electronic+acoustic free-ish jazz

via Angel Marcloid

Crows Labyrinth – Gibberish (The Crow’s Lab)

Meanwhile I have come to realize that I copied certain sounds on Phaedra in my own ambient music. I wonder if they used a guitar or bass guitar as well for these sounds.

This is the track I’m referring to

Spaceheads – Open My Box (Red Note)

another band i recently rediscovered after a long period of forgetting they existed: Spaceheads. a trumpet/electronics & drums/electronics duo from mid to late 90s. Ahead of their time & all that with mixing jazz&samples&noise

via Arise

Throbbing Gristle – After Cease to Exist (Fetish Records / Industrial Records)

“This is just creepy music. It’s scaring me.” My five-year-old on TG’s “After Cease to Exist”. Saturday lunchtime listening.

via Concrete Islands

Analog – Portable People (Raygun Records)

This album came out yesterday and I’m really into it.

via Raised by Cassettes

Damon Locks – Black Monument Ensemble – Where Future Unfolds (International Anthem)

Longtime fan of Damon Locks in Eternals/Trenchmouth, his art, and his general existence so no surprises that I’m digging this ambitious new piece.

via Adam Grimord-Isham

Amato – Puissance Industrielle (Pinkman)

For the second time only, The Hacker pulls out his Amato moniker to deliver an abyssal, floor-ready EP, drawing on influence from the funkier side of early electronic body music. Though dark, the illustrious Frenchman seasons the A-side tracks with a healthy dose of groove for peak-time frenzy. Meanwhile the rather dejected flip side will do the trick for the murkier of dance-floors.

via Nodus Tollens

Black Humor – Hometown Vigilante (Superior Viaduct)

Black Humor was an experimental rock band from San Francisco in the early ’80s. They released just one, very hard to find LP on Fowl Records in 1982. Only 1,000 records were pressed, each with unique handmade covers: thick slabs of paint, collage, parrot feathers, dirt, whatever else happened to be laying around their Tenderloin flat. Many of these have since gone for high, collector prices or ended up in oblivion.

Existing in a parallel universe to other bands of the era, Black Humor’s music is filled with jarring images of urban decay and desperation, bass-driven melodies, and layers of dissonant guitar and percussion. And perhaps the only known recording of a parrot that was taught to say “Fuck You.”

via Computer

The Aircrash Bureau! – Home EP (Weatnu Records)

#industrial #darkwave

The Blue Tapes House Band – Vol. 3: Chase Me Before The Plague (Blue Tapes)

Utterly indefinable noise and not-quite shapes being sucked upwards forever, while two sentient forces swirl within, locked in some cosmic hate-ballet. These wormhole angels are played on this recording by Oxbow’s Eugene S. Robinson and Map 71’s Lisa Jayne, whose spoken word utterances throughout this infernoscape feel locked like horns – simultaneously at odds and of a piece.

Abadir – Aphasia (Yerevan Tapes)

Abadir is a music producer and sound designer born in Cairo, Egypt.
His work focuses on experimental, glitch and ambient music, and he’s one half of the duo 0N4B.
Together with the visual artists Nurah Farahat and Islam Shabana, he co-founded the audio/visual collective “Mapping Possibilities”, which has been active in promoting A/V events since 2016.
Abadir is also the editor of the electronic music section of the Arabic music webzine Ma3azef, where he also contributes as a writer on music theory, history, reviews and interviews.

via Adam Badi Donoval


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