Listen: Three One G Playlist – Scott Osment (Deaf Club)
Listen: Three One G Playlist – Scott Osment (Deaf Club)

Listen: Three One G Playlist – Scott Osment (Deaf Club)

Three One G - A Playlist by Scott Osment

Its been awhile since we checked in with our colleagues at Three One G Records. More specifically, back in 2018 we featured guest mix by the 31G founder (and noisemaker-in-chief at The Locust/Dead Cross/Retox et al) Justin Pearson.

Fast-forward to 2020 and 31G is still going strong. Last year saw the release of Contemporary Sickness, an EP by Deaf Club, hardcore supergroup featuring both JP and members of Run With The Hunted, ACxDC, Weak Flesh and Fissure.

Deaf Club is a savage sound bath dripping with sardonicism: a blastbeat-centric hardcore punk assault channeling crust, thrash, and grind (un)sensibilities. Succinct pauses, surreal frequencies and effects, breakneck pace and sharply hurled vocals characterize the band’s aesthetic, which seems as though it is rooted in a sort of nasty-sound-meets-highbrow-message ethos.

It came to our attention to our attention recently that Scott Osment from DC put together a playlist of his favorites. Being fanboys of Three One G, noise rock and all sorts of indescribable weirdness we couldn’t help but share it with everyone!

And if Spotify isn’t your bag (no shame in that – we’ll understand), we also got Youtube / Bandcamp playlist for your convenience.


Exhalants – Punishers (Self Sabotage, 2018)

Chat Pile – Mask (Reptilian Records, 2019)

Glassing – When You Stare (Brutal Panda Records)

meth. – Inbred (Prosthetic Records / Zegema Beach Records, 2019)

Portrayal of Guilt – The Nihilist (Hand of Death Records / Isolation Records, 2018)

clipping. – Taking Off (Sub Pop, 2014)

Touche Amore – Eight Seconds (Epitaph Records, 2016)

Milo – Sorcerer (Ruby Yacht, 2017)

BADBADNOTGOOD (feat. Sam Herring) – Times Moves Slow (Innovative Leisure)

Kool A.D. – Prove It (Dum Shiny, 2016)

The Chinese Stars – (Love) and the Electric Chair (Three One G, 2004)

Lightning Bolt – St. Jacques (Load Records, 2001 / Thrill Jockey, 2020)

Mice Parade – Nights Wave (Bubble Core, 2005)

Soft Kill – Savior (Profound Lore, 2018)

Primitive Man – My Will (Relapse Records, 2017)

clipping.  – Piano Burning (Sub Pop, 2019)

Deaf Club – Boyfriends of Christ (Three One G Recordings, 2019)

Youtube / Non-Bandcamp Tracks / Videos 

All Leather – I Don’t… (Dim Mak Records / Downtown Music, 2009)

Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts IV – 34 (The Null Corporation, 2008)

Bjork – Crystaline (One Little Indian / Nonesuch, 2011)

Kool A.D. – Prove It (Dum Shiny, 2016)

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