Listen: The Body – A Curse (Remixed by Aura of Moss)
Listen: The Body – A Curse (Remixed by Aura of Moss)

Listen: The Body – A Curse (Remixed by Aura of Moss)

The Body Remixed

We’ve been following a one-time Providence (and currently Portland, OR based) duo The Body for quite a few years now. Never once did the terms adjectives like “lilting” or “dreamy” came into the picture in association with their records. And with album titles like “No one deserves happiness” it would be a bit naive to expect any dreaminess at all from their music (albeit we still admire Chip King’s appreciation of sausage rolls).

This may well change come Oct. 11th with the release of “Remixed” LP on Thrill Jockey. Exhibit A – this right here remix of A Curse we’re inviting you to listen to is, indeed, both lilting and dreamy. Aura of Moss is none other than Gerrit Welmers from Future Islands which may explain a wild stylistic shift (though the track still retains inhuman howls from the original).
The Body - Remixed 2
The rest of Remixed boasts some very familiar names from all over the experimental/noise spectrum including Mark Solotroff (Bloody Minded), Lingua Ignota and Moor Mother. Head over to Bandcamp to hear two additional remixes – “Ten Times a Day Everyday a Stranger” by Container and “Hallow Hallow” by Lingua Ignota.

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