Listen: Guest Mix by Matt Valentine (MV & EE / Wet Tuna)
Listen: Guest Mix by Matt Valentine (MV & EE / Wet Tuna)

Listen: Guest Mix by Matt Valentine (MV & EE / Wet Tuna)

Matt Valentine MV EE Wet Tuna

Matt ‘mv’ Valentine hails from the green collar/blues dirt as a guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer, also known for his explorations on the bantar (a banjo/sitar hybrid he invented). His debut as a leader was released as “Glorious Group Therapy” (with assistance from Erika Elder, Tim Barnes, Dean Roberts) on the cassette format in 1998 by the Polyamory label under the sobriquet ‘Matthew Dell’. The oxide was reissued soon after on LP under his proper name by Byron Coley and Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Yod.
He began cutting his big teeth on guitar excursions in the mid 90’s when he co-founded ‘The Tower Recordings’ fusing experimental acoustic songform with noise and other disparate avant garde techniques. That ensemble released 8 proper albums alongside various singles, 10-inches, cassettes and compilation appearances. During this time his bands played shows with John Fahey, Sandy Bull, Loren Mazzacane, Bert Jansch, Pearls Before Swine, Rudolph Grey, Borbetomagus, Arthur Doyle, Pavement, The Scissor Girls…as well as a tour with Cat Power.
Howlin Wuelf Media

We’re very proud to present a mix by Matt “MV” Valentine, legendary guitarist whose career goes all the way back to the early 90s! MV & EE, his duo with Erika Elder (The MV/EE Medicine Show) is playing our upcoming Providence show (which we’re also psyched about (no pun intended)), so consider this a little preview of things to come!

Matt’s latest solo album Preserves is coming out on Nov. 8 via Beyond Beyond is Beyond and features contributions from Samara Lubelski, J. Mascis, P.G. Six and others. Pre-order is open on Bandcamp right now.

Wet Tuna, his duet with Pat Gubler (aka PG Six) from Garcia Peoples also got a new record out. Its called Water Weird and is available via Three Lobed Recordings.

If you dig a mix that Matt compiled for us we highly recommend checking out other guest mix by artists that play I Heart Noise Fest:

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Jason Sebastian Russo (Guiding Light / Hopewell / ex-Mercury Rev)

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I’d Rather by Hayin’ by Wet Tuna was also included on a mix that NYC duo Elkhorn compiled for IHN.


Kali Z Fasteau / Don Rafael Garrett – Wind and Water

Don Cherry – Music, Wisdom, Love

Bert Jansch / John Renbourn – East Wind (2015 Remaster)

Neil Michael Hagerty – Gratitude

Miles Davis – Sivad (Live at the Cellar Door, Washington DC – December 1970)

Jerry Garcia – Orpheus

Don Cherry – North Brazilian Ceremonial Hymn

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