Listen: Retrospective Label Mix by Lost Sound Tapes
Listen: Retrospective Label Mix by Lost Sound Tapes

Listen: Retrospective Label Mix by Lost Sound Tapes

Lost Sound Tapes is a record label in Seattle, Washington, USA, Earth, Milky Way that specializes in cassette tapes, handmade records, and all things pop music.

Le Almeida “Bad Vibes” from Paraleloplasmos
Le Almeida is a solo project turned band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He and two of his buddies from Rio are now in Built To Spill! Go see them at Treefort Festival, in Europe this spring, or just about anywhere in the U.S. this summer.

Diners “Good Zone” from Always Room
The album “Always Room” by Diners is the Lost Sound Tapes number one best seller. I think we’re up to 600 copies of this one? This maybe the most self referential song in the Lost Sound Tapes canon. “Big Dogs” by iji and “Black Coffee” by Dogbreth get mentioned in this one.

Imaginary Pants “Branches as Bridges” from Kites At Night
My band with Rose Melberg. We called ourselves a rock and romance band. Guess it worked because we’re married now. Sometimes we play with Jen Sbragia from the Sofies and go by the name Kites At Night (to be needlessly confusing).

Tim The Mute “Welcome to the Terrordome” from Take My Life… Please!
Good ol’ Tim Clapp from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He runs a record label called Kingfisher Bluez and works at Nardwuar’s favourite record store, Neptoon Records. Bleak songs with a glimmer of hope.

Cave Babies “Stuff (Xanadu Song)” from Situational Anxiety
Josh Redman from Cave Babies has a very long running radio show that just started back up again. It’s called 5432FUN!! (note the caps and the double exclamation). He loves all things (indie) pop music and his beard is the best one I know.

Watercolor Paintings “Red Scarf” from When You Move
This song was recorded once really lo-fi for a tour tape called “These Arms”, then it appeared again as this version with a full band. I own the only copy of the Watercolor Paintings original demo. Now Rebecca Redman plays in punk and hardcore bands, notably, Coherence.

Your Heart Breaks “Will We Ever (Ft. Theo Hilton)” from Greatest Hits
This track is from a “Greatest Hits” album, but this greatest hits album was completely re-recorded and turned into a dance album. A lot of production/beats/guidance from fellow guest mix maker Corey J. Brewer, Karl Blau, and a whole bevy of Seattle musicians.

iji “Summer of 2069” from Bubble
I started Lost Sound Tapes to release music by my band Blanket Truth. iji was the first non-Blanket Truth release on the label and this track is from the 7th tape I put out by iji. Zach Burba is a highly inspiring dude and a careful crafter of off kilter pop music.

Knife Pleats “One Step Too Far” from Hat Bark Beach
Rose Melberg’s most recent band where she was the sole primary songwriter. It also featured 2/3 of the excellent Lost Sound Tapes band Love Cuts from Vancouver. This is the one, and probably only, LP that I released (co-releases notwithstanding) and I love it so much.

Shrouded Amps “Chocolate Church” from Come Along To The Chocolate Church
Another fantastic band from Vancouver, Canada. Coincidentally also with Tracey Vath from Love Cuts and Knife Pleats. This 6 song release is one of my favorites but it’s one that I feel never really got it’s due. Primary songwriter Matthew Budden plays a 12 string guitar and it really brings a unique sound.
Jon Manning / Lost Sound Tapes

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