Listen: More Than a Feline // Playlist by Cat Temper
Listen: More Than a Feline // Playlist by Cat Temper

Listen: More Than a Feline // Playlist by Cat Temper

Cat Temper More Than a Feline

Cat Temper’s new album “More Than A Feline” features ten singers with a range of styles from sparkly synthpop to growling grindcore. Each vocalist wrote and performed lyrics embodying a unique feline perspective. Get to know them with this playlist by Cat Temper’s Mike Langlie.

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Singer/producer Oceanside85 is an 80’s kid from Victoria, BC Canada bringing you retro-future dimensions of audio crystallized in time. She channels dreams and blurry memories into powerhouse ballads blending elements of electronic pop, darksynth and cyberpunk. Move through the matrix of the universe with her synthwaves to light the way.

A quest to become cool led this mild-mannered kid to study the way of The Sway. With the icon of fitness, fashion, and fisticuffs as his guiding spirit and namesake alias, The Kid was reborn as Swayze. Believing that the right rhythm can bring about the liberation of the world, Swayze hones his craft ever in pursuit of the perfect groove.

Jennifer Maher Coleman, originally from Chicago, IL but now in upstate New York, is the singer and keyboardist in the electronic darkwave duo Architrave and new-wave five-piece Haley Moley. She has spun house and techno as DJ Jennifer Haley since the early 90s, and is a fine artist specializing in portraits of beloved vintage toys.

Frisky Monkey is an Atlanta, GA based synthpop duo comprised of vocalist Juan Cezar and multi-instrumentalist Douglas Pettus. Together they create a heady blend of swirling synths, moody guitars, and entrancing vocals with a pop sensibility.

Casey Desmond is a vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer who likes things that beep and other things boop. Her mix of retro electro pop and cutting-edge technology makes people shake their butts. She founded JUNGLE UP RECORDS, fostering new music and visual collaborations.

Founded by ex-death metal vocalist turned darksynth producer Mitch Keith, Gulf Blvd is a two-piece darkwave outfit from Tampa, FL. They combine an amalgamation of different sounds ranging from industrial to synthwave, with a visual aesthetic influenced by its Norwegian black metal roots.

C Z A R I N A is an American synth and electronic artist, songwriter, producer, visual artist and filmmaker based in Galicia, Spain. Her work transcends a vast spectrum of electronic genres including progressive synths, industrial, dark trip hop, electronic rock, post-punk and darkwave.

Pulling from industrial to glam and late 80s hard rock, Phoenix, AZ based Upon Eventual Collapse is an electronic/industrial rock project fueled by a love of biting guitars, sonic noisescapes, and dirty rock and roll.

Vienna, Austria based toupée gluer and compost shoveler Violet Candide participates in the projects mitra mitra, violetiger, and peppy pep pepper. when not pottering about on the synthies, she can be found lurking in her natural habitat blending in with the couch or working on her intergalactic levitational vaporized self-propelling crochet skills.

Hailing from Kouvola, Finland, VVOV makes existential, misanthropic, and unconventional blackened darksynth and EBM.


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