Listen: Electropunk Mix from Mike Langlie (Cat Temper)
Listen: Electropunk Mix from Mike Langlie (Cat Temper)

Listen: Electropunk Mix from Mike Langlie (Cat Temper)

Another amazing gift of a contribution from our favorite mad scientist Mike Langlie (aka Cat Temper / Twink the Toy Piano Band)! Its a selection of his favorite electropunk cuts – note that all bands on this list include women in its ranks.

We highly recommend everyone to check out Cat Temper’s (growing) discography – Digital Soul LP, Henry soundtrack and Purring for Vengeance, CT’s debut.

ADULT. – Herd Me (Thrill Jockey)

UNEASY LISTENING MUSIC: An Important Message from ADULT.

Uncomfortable, restless, disturbed, perturbed, awkward and anxious. Why Bother? hopes to spread the word of weird… Abnormal motivations, ready and willing. Trying to tilt the balance of over-stimulation. What is the next step if VIDEODROME is not the endgame itself? Cataloging, categorizing, sterilizing, co-opting and over-hype marketing have created a social smothering and mass indolence. If you aren’t inclined to vomit, than you will probably feel worse when exposed to our brand of folk.

Amber Valentine’s Shriveled Heart and The Skeletons Left Behind – Cross Your Heart (Self Released)

It’s something to drink and dance to.

From Glass Slipper EP available for free download.

Amelia Arsenic – Architects of Death (Self Released)

electro-punk rivet-jams with a satirical edge featuring the caustic pairing of versatile ingenue Amelia Arsenic and producer/programmer Sean Payne (Cyanotic, Vampyre Anvil, CONFORMCO)

Chic Gala – Hollow World (Kitty on Fire)

Cyber-filth enthusiasts have long been drawn to music that falls between genres.. Chic Gala’s second album is a digital Gothic metamorphosis of their lush vocals and futuristic,pulsating, seemingly predictive beats. Reminiscent of experimental attempts like ‘Doe Deer’ by Crystal Castles and The YYY’s cover of ‘Mr Your On Fire Mr’, Chic Gala opens up styles that their influences acknowledged but never pursued. The result is an adhesive collection of tracks borrowing sonic standards from a wide range of sub-genres, a sound that is fresh and exciting but with a quintessentially nostalgic feel.

Dear Deer – Disco-discord (Swiss Dark Nights / Manic Depression Records)

Dear Deer is a french band formed in 2015, consisting of Federico Iovino (Popoï Sdioh) and Sabatel (Cheshire Cat). This duo mixing Post-Punk and Noise also deals with some No-wave and Disco influences.

Dis Fig “U Said U Were”

Lealani “Minuscule”

Poor Decisions “Marschbefehl”

S Y Z Y G Y X “Eye of the Beholder”

TEETH “Confusion”

Venus In Aries “Let Beauty Loose (Nitzer Ebb Cover)”

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