Listen: Mix Dos by Taxxess
Listen: Mix Dos by Taxxess

Listen: Mix Dos by Taxxess

Perhaps one of the best kept secrets in music in central TX is Jim Moon. From the outside, he’s a tortured soul who constantly explorers the emotive side of electronic music. While the tunes may have a dark feel, Jim’s livelier side comes through the instrumentals with grooving beats and ambience.
You may remember Jim Moon from I-OK and other projects he’s been apart of over the years, but his latest foray entitled TAXXESS may be some of his best work yet. It’s got this Nosaj Thing, negative space attribute that is popular right now in other genres, but Jim’s use of it isn’t pandering or trendy. TAXXESS harkens back to a time when Squarepusher and Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker album were the center of the esoteric electronic world.

Sobre Sound
A year ago we heard the first mix from our associate Jim Moon (aka Taxxess) and now he’s back with a fresh selection of personal favorites! While there are few bigger names on the list (Jlin, Com Truise), bulk of the mix consists of music by smaller/indie producers and artists, which is something to be commended, for sure.

Ok panda – independant (unreleased)
Trashgh0st – My Heart (A Swiftly Tilting Heart)
Com truise Gaussian (Persuasion System)
Jlin – Holy Child (Black Origami)
Man alone – Leave (Tripps vol 2 – Sustain and Release)
Trium Circulorum – Partikelschwall (TCD12 Echtzeit)
TAXXESS – Track 6 (Musick)
Danny Playamaqui – Folk (479)
Traducer – hale can wait (Presoak)
Xinovah – The Glowing Reptile (Xinovah II The Outsider)
Velum Break – Poubelles (Bench Manouveres)
Equinox7 – i shouldn’t be here (Caustic Veil)
Jlin – Carbon 7 (161) (Black Origami)
Creeps – Daytona (Jesus ate my hot dog. [unreleased])
Duskfall – SOS (Jupiterian Redux) (Tulutabaklar – Jupiterian Redux)
Nicholas Langley Through Vivid Clouds (Entropy Soundtracks and Ambients Vol 1)
Danny Playamaqui Bats (Potoo)
TAXXESS – Racecar – Redivider [Petridisch remix] (I’m still not dead (but I might as well be))
Trium Circulorum Embed The Funk (TCD12 Echtzeit)
Equinox7 – breaking points (Caustic Veil)
Acef Stripe A Reunion (Renascent)
Once you’re done listening to the mix, don’t forget to head over to JIm’s Bandcamp and listen to Resistance Fatigue, his latest. More recently, Taxxess track Avoidance was remixed by Petridisch and we highly recommend everyone to watch the video for this one.

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