Listen: Guest Mix by Simon Grab
Listen: Guest Mix by Simon Grab

Listen: Guest Mix by Simon Grab

Simon Grab - Photo by Anne Morgenstern
The co-founder of ganzerplatz soundstudios has been an active musician and producer in a wide range of musical contexts. As a composer and sound artist he produces music & sound design for feature films, documentaries, theater and radio. In live performances and installations Simon Grab uses the venue as an acoustic playground.

Arriving all the way from Switzerland is this hot platter of musique concrete, soundtrack music, noise and ambience! The said platter is a creation of sound artist / producer Simon Grab who is a co-founder of Ganzerplatz label.

Much of the platter…err mix that Simon made for us centers around last year’s Posthuman Species LP (available via -ous label). Last year also saw the release of Diamonds, his collaboration with African rapper Yao Bobby.

This album is absolutely not for the faint-hearted but if feedback, noise and other forms of an infernal racket makes you comfortable i can promise you, it’s right up your alley. – Finn on Tomland on Posthuman Species via Bandcamp

Besides tracks from his latest album, Simon’s mix is heavy on music from composers (Zappa, Parmegiani, Ferrari) and his Swiss brethren (Rudolf Eber, G*Park, Dave Phillips). Tucked in between are some very familiar names from all over the musical spectrum (Sunn O))), Aphex Twin, Henry Mancini), so this one got a bit of everything for everybody. Dive in!

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Rudolf – ? (from Om Kult)

Sunn O))) – ? (from Life Metal)

Patricia Bosshard & Simon Grab – Marteau

Simon Grab – New Horizons

Pendulum Nisum – ? (from S/T)

Hecker – ? (from PV Trecks)

Kevin Martin – Life Threatening Operation 2 / Alarms (from Sirens)

G*Park -? (from Reuters)

BLK w/BEAR – ? (from The final mapping of new constellations)

John Cage – ? (from Roaratorio)

Aphex Twin – ? (from Selected Ambient Works Vol ||)

Yan Jun – ? (from Walk…Stay)

Simon Grab – Posthuman Wonderland

Schönberg – Streichquartett Nr. 1

Jean Francois Laporte – ? (from Mantra)

Andreas O. Hirsch – Teilchenbeschleuniger (from Summe 1)

Strotter – ? (from Monstranz)

Philippe Carson – ? (from Turmac)

Luc Ferrari – ? (from Hétérozygote)

Francois Bayle – ? (from L’oiseau-Chanteur)

Bernard Parmegiani – ? (from Violostries)

Robert Ashley – ? (from Improvement)

Jan Nemecek – Saws (Beats) (from Recurrences)

Frank Zappa – ? (from Civilization Phaze |||)

Ossia – Concrete (from Devil’s Dance)

Nicholas Schärer – ? (from 1:60)

Luigi Archetti -? (from Transient Places)

Simon Grab – Biomechanoids

NHK YX KOYXEN – M (from Parallel Tempo)

Tresque – Solstici (from Aindanao)

Norbert Möslang – ? (from the sound of insects)

FT Marinetti – ? (from La Battaglia di Adrianopoli)

Simon Grab – Altered Sleep

Henri Mancini – The Pink Panther Soundtrack

Bernd Schurer – ? (from Parallax)

emptyset – Monad (from Demiurge)

Simon Grab – Apocalyptic Paranoia

Violet – ? (from Violet ray gas and the playback singers)

Dave Phillips – ? (from They live)

Elliot Carter – ? (from eight compositions)

Rudolf – ? (from Om Kult)

Bernd Schurer – ? (from Vexations)

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