Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: End of the Year Mix by Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.
Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: End of the Year Mix by Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.

Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: End of the Year Mix by Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.

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Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere. (AVA) is one of these labels that can really get you hooked if you have a heart for cassette tapes, collecting obscure music, are into contemporary visual arts or I guess all three of them. The label was founded in 2015 and ran by Niels Geybels a young audio-visual artist hailing from Belgium and mostly known in the experimental scene for his work under his own name, also as Sequences and False Moniker. The imprint is dedicated to publishing music in the vast fields of ambient, noise, experimental, field recordings and electro-acoustic music. – DIY Conspiracy

Last year we interviewed AVA and its founder Niels as part of our Indie Label Roundtable series. Niels has returned the favor by compiling this neat little mix of all things 2019 for us – featuring material that came out on AVA + tracks culled from releases by fellow sonic travelers like Park70 and Never Anything. Dive in!


Lucid Palms – Commence (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.)
Shō – This Tired Feeling (Crux Axul)
Canadian Rifles – Of Course I Still Love You (Eastern Nurseries)
Mathieu Serruys – Cheval Blanc (B.A.A.D.M.)
Uaxactun – Moonlight Scene (Never Anything Records)
Appropriate Savagery – Determined To Give Up (Dignity) (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.)
Jim Haynes – And Then, Theranos (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.)
RG – Simulator (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.)
Philip Sulidae – Neamhchinnteacht V (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.)
Sequences – Blue As Solace (Park70)
Thorsten Soltau – Liturgy For Ysegrim (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.)
Death Kneel – Would Anyone Die For Me? (Total Black)
Giovanni Lami – 160506 (Cloudchamber Recordings)
Divorce Ring & J. Carter – Friendship Is The Basis Of All Action (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.)
Greenhouse – Beneath The House While Everyone Sleeps (Makade Star)

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