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Clone 334

Clone 334 composes beat-driven electronica inspired by techno, noise, and experimental music in his New Mexico home studio. Manipulating low drones and unrepentant melodies, Clone creates new and genre-defying soundscapes that thrum with life and sound.

See also – Track-by-Track: Clone 334 – Entropy


onewayness – Transmission Resonance (ELEET Tapes)

onewayness is Adam Holquist, a composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist from Erie, Pennsylvania.

Binarysweets – Little Spoon Dub (Self Released)

‘Have Your Code And Eat It’ is an eclectic journey through those much loved styles – nu-jazz, breakbeat, drum & bass, experimental and dub.

Nikki Nair – Eating Flowers (Krunk Kulture)

Moken – I Think (Industrial Possession)

Moken sound transmits a feeling of conjunction between the present and the future with our ancestral spirit, evoking cruel scenes of war. His productions explore an uncontaminated environment, where ceremonial dances and polytheistic adorations are performed; his themes are direct and captivating, collecting the best of EBM, Industrial, Electro and Techno to launch him onto the dance floor and make you lose yourself in their worlds.

Incentive – morality salience (Circle with a Dot / Submarine Broadcasting Co.)

Sachem Orenda – Lethal Protection (Self Released)

Sachem Orenda is a solo electronic musician, avant-garde guitarist, and singer from Pittsburgh, PA.

Slam – Government Problems (Houndstooth / Fabric Records) – from #savefabric compilation

Pittsburgh Track Authority – Puncheur (Pittsburgh Tracks)

Pittsburgh Track Authority is back. After a five year hiatus from releasing music–during which time PTA maintained focus on expanding the catalog of their labels Pittsburgh Tracks, Love What You Feel, Machine Age Records, and Sleeve — Preslav and Adam are back with a rejuvenated outlook on music and a renewed sense of purpose. The new album titled PA System is a collection of house and techno written to serve as a document of the past 18 months.

Shawn Rudiman – Fighting the Flow (Pittsburgh Tracks)

Archives  Listen: Scarlet Sun Catchers // Guest Mix by Bill MacKay


Swedish duo SHXCXCHCXSH drop their debut album on Avian, and as a distillation of the duo’s sound, STRGTHS is nigh on perfect.

Incorporating elements of IDM, Industrial & Ambient – as well as classic Rave signifiers, not to mention the rolling, deep diving Techno the pair made their name with, the debut LP is a trip.

Clone 334 – Sin (Self Released)

B.G.S. – Bisexual Techno (HRR)

Kyoka – Spoiled 130bpm (Self Released)

Cats – Train (Self Released)

Omar Kooliyat – intersection (Self Released)

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