Listen: Guest Mix by Buck Curran
Listen: Guest Mix by Buck Curran

Listen: Guest Mix by Buck Curran

Buck Curran
Back in 2016 we really dug the “Eno Meets Cash” approach demonstrated on “Immortal Light”, debut LP from American guitarist Buck Curran. That deep, dark and atmospheric record became our first introduction to the work of the man who runs Obsolete Recordings and is also a half of the band Arborea (among many other things).

Fast forward 3 years later and we got this sprawling 2-hour mix from Buck along with some of the words on performers featured in the mix. Dive in!

Nicolo Melocchi – Nat Bhairav

Nicolo Melocchi (Italy), has been a primary disciple of the legendary Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia (India’s foremost Bansuri Master) for the past 10 years.

On this Sublime recording of morning raga Nat Bhairav he is accompanied by Indian Tabla maestro Anutosh Degharia.

Jessica Ruby Radcliffe – Wholly In My Keeping

American singer, poet, and songwriter Jessica Ruby Radcliffe is a musical visionary and unsung treasure of American folk music.

Will Oldham – Most People

Renown American Songwriter Will Oldam needs little introduction. Most People from his latest album Songs of Love an Horror stands among his best and most intimate work.

Elkhorn – To See Darkness

The American duo Elkhorn (Jesse Sheppard and Drew Gardner) are sonic alchemists of contemporary guitar music. Their latest album Sun Cycle is a Triumph and stands as a milestone in the development of their acoustic-electric sound.

Adele H – Back to the Trees

Italian singer Adele H is a new and original voice in contemporary experimental music. Back to the Trees from her Solo debut album ‘Civilization’ is an incredibly Beautiful example of her singular music which is based primarily on layers of harmonized vocals.

Burnt Paw – Diamond Fire

Burnt Paw is the moniker of an incredibly talented singer-guitarist from Edinburgh, Scotland. Diamond Fire is an absolutely beautiful and engaging song from his latest album Lunar Vortex Incantations.

Anandi Bhattacharya – In Between Us

Anandi Bhattacharya is the daughter of legendary slide guitar maestro Debashish Bhattacharya (who beautifuly accompanies her on debut album Joys Abound and is featured on In Between Us. Anandi is an important new voice in world music and her singing is wholly glorious and Transcendent.
Joys Abound

Isasa – San Antonio de la Florida

San Antonio de la Florida by Spanish guitarist Conrado Isasa, is an Expansive and Majestic guitar composition from the self-titled forthcoming album by the leading proponent of American Primitive Guitar in Spain.

Adaya – Sea Fever

Adaya is a gifted young singer-songwriter-multi instrumentalist from Switzerland.
Her songs are compelling and mythic and set a new precedent for the evolution of contemporary folk music in Europe.

Shanti Deschaine – By The Light Of Far Distant Stars

By the Light of Far Distant Stars is a beguiling new song from the forthcoming debut solo album Fools of the Machine by singer-songwriter-musician Shanti Deschaine. Shanti is an essential voice in contemporary folk & psychedelic folk in American music and one half of our duo Arborea.

Johanna Warren – Here to Tell

American musician Johanna Warren is an Incredibly talented singer-songwriter-guitarist. Her song Here to Tell from her latest album Gemini II is haunting and arresting.

J Moss/Modern Folk MF666 – Death Ain’t You Got No Shame

Josh Moss (aka The Modern Folk) is an Incredibly talented artist (singer-songwriter-multi instrumentalist) whose music defies genres. Death Ain’t You Got No Shame is from his latest album Modern Folk 666.

Des Moines – Like Freshly Mown Grass

Like Freshly Mown Grass is a beautifully poetic guitar instrumental (and the title track) from the debut album by Italian guitarist-songwriter Simone Romei.

Sarah Louise – R Mountain

On Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars, American guitarist-composer Sarah Louise creates an entire new world of tonal colours, making for one of the most unique guitars albums of 2019. R Mountain is a perfect example of the new soundscapes she is creating.

Rob Noyes/ Ryan Lee Crosby – Improvisation 1

American guitarists Ryan Lee Crosby and Rob Noyes have teamed up together to make an absolutely Wonderful and Spirited improvisational album of guitar music that combines aesthetics from American folk & blues music and Hindustani Classical Music.

Prana Crafter – Mycelial Morphohum

Washington based musician Prana Crafter is one of the leading lights in contemporary
Psychedelic music coming out of America. Mycelial Morphohum is a perfect example of his engaging and mystical music.

Allysen Callery – Bluest Bird

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Allysen Callery is also an essential voice of contemporary folk music in America. Her music is absolutely beautiful and Bluest Bird from her recent live album recorded at The Stone Church in Vermont is a great example of her unique sound.

Bill MacKay – Pre-California

Pre-California is the wonderful semi-psychedelic instrumental from Bill MacKay’s new album Fountain Fire. Bill is an idiosyncratic musician from America and a leading figure in the contemporary Chicago musical scene.

Jon Collin – The Sea

UK Guitarist Jon Collin (currently based in Sweden) is an intuitive artist who creates provocative music that evokes the sounds of nature. The Sea (from his latest Water and Rock Music Vol. 2) is a perfect example of the magic he conjures from his guitar.

Fern Knight – Fern Knight

Legendary psychedelic folk ensemble Fern Knight return in gorgeous form after almost a decade in hiatus. This heady self-titled track is from their forthcoming album Solstice.

Nicolo Melocchi – Bhimpalasi

Italian Bansuri player Nicolo Melocchi (w/Indian Tabla master Anutosh Degharia) explores the intense moods of Raag Bhimpalasi.
Bhimpalasi is a Hindustani classical raga traditionally played in the afternoon.

Elkhorn – Jam I

1 is the exhilarating lead track from Elkhorn’s second release for 2019 Elk Jam. Drummer Ryan Jewell creates a pulsating universe of rhythm to a accompany the celestial and visceral guitar tones from Drew and Jesse.

Gwenifer Raymond – The Three Deaths of Red Spectre

With The Three Deaths of Red Spectre UK guitarist Gwenifer Raymond continues her dynamic exploration of music markedly Inspired by John Fahey/American Primitive Guitar.

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