Listen: Captivity Scene $1 / Guest Mix by Matt DeMello
Listen: Captivity Scene $1 / Guest Mix by Matt DeMello

Listen: Captivity Scene $1 / Guest Mix by Matt DeMello

Chris Parks Painting

Artwork by Chris Parks

Got something to go along with our first online Fest / Mini Fest – mix by Matt DeMello! We’re always curious to hear what an inner-ear drum secret filmmaker got in store, so lets turn it over to him…

In the last year or so I’ve started pouring over free music options, scouring free album codes on Bandcamp, DatPiff, and even clicking the occasionally struggling band Facebook ad. Here’s a good catalog of favorite songs from some even better records I’ve found with that focus. A lot of electronic music, noise, vaporwave… but I can never get away from capital-S Songwriters. Okay, maybe a soundscape here and there featuring a BBC debate about God (shoutout to Non-Fatal Injuries – I’ve been screaming about this album for a month now and it gets a real showcase here).

Will say for #BandcampFriday: Every last one of these artists is well worth the investment – both monetary and time spent clicking around – on Bandcamp. Do it up today.



w i n t e r q u i l t  – v a i l (THUGWIDOW remix) (Aquablanca)
Baardvader – Walking on the Moon (Self Released)
C Struggs –  How I Rock feat Smitty, Big Tank (Self Released)
Occams Laser – Vessel (Self Released)
Mesita – I was Drowning in Whiskey (Self Released)
yesterday and the undoing – Like Pablo Said (Self Released)
Fiebertraum – Rotting Flesh (Power Lunch Corporation)
(That First Grade Music Teacher Screaming over a Ukulele on TikTok)
Incentive – Revenge (Version 1) (Self Released)
Silo’s Choice – Everybody’s Thinking The Same Thing (Self Released)
Donut Specialist – Thank You For Not Smoking (Virtual Beach Club)
Good Friend Electric – Ok Doc (Self Released)
Scott Kodi – Alexandra (Self Released)
SQUARMS – M a i n D e c k (Self Released)
Fred the Godson – Everything ft. Dave East (Self Released)
okpanda – gimme the cheese (Self Released)
Merce Lemon – Johnny When He’s Sweet and John to All the Rest (Self Released)
Oceanside85 – While The City Sleeps (Feat. Octal Drive) (Self Released)
Forget This – 123 (Jam Eater Records)
Fujifire – Dream Girl (Self Released)
Sangam – Jehst (Teleport Road Edit) (& Options / Hollow Point One)
Regalim – John Peel (Famelic)
daniprobably – Worlds End (Self Released)
Orphans of Doom – Necromantic (The Product)
Dave Noyze – CELLDYNA (Cataclyst)
Non-Fatal Injuries – Multiple Horses (Submarine Broadcasting Company)
Ian Cat – The Rolling Stones (Self Released)


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