Watch: IHN Fest – 5/1
Watch: IHN Fest – 5/1

Watch: IHN Fest – 5/1

IHN Mini Fest

In case you missed it, we got a full replay of our very first online fest (aka mini-fest)! In spite of all the technical difficulties we experience it went on on 5/1 (aka Bandcamp insanity day), so if you missed the original livestream due to all the endless recommendation threads we won’t blame you.

And speaking of Bandcamp…we still have Skyjelly/Solilians split on sale! So read up on it, listen to it, buy it or just help spread the word. You can also subscribe to our Youtube channel while watching the replay of the fest.



Wolfbear – Untitled (see also – Skyjelly / Tiki Twins)

Skyjelly – I’m Gonna Take the Day for Granted – solo performance by Rick “Skyjelly” Jones

So Li’l – Strange Openness (see also – Solilians / Goodbye Better Records)

Electric Djinn – MIST (see also – Solilians)

Magoo (Mike Margulis) – I Had My Chance (Morphine cover) (see also – Slag / Solilians)

Earthly Frames – Feel Better Soon (see also – Solilians)

Live Set by IncentiveHappiness is out now via Submarine Broadcasting Company / Wormhole World

Matt DeMello – Tell Me (Over and Over) + cover of That Thing You Do

Thank you for an intro Mukqs


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