Listen // All Irish Mix by The Last Sound
Listen // All Irish Mix by The Last Sound

Listen // All Irish Mix by The Last Sound


Roslyn Steer – Gone Forever
The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock – Christchurch, 6 Bells
Rollers/Sparkers – Kodiak
The Pirate Tom Gribbins – The Lark In The Morning
Elaine Howley – Song For Mary Black (Touch Sensitive)
Natalia Beylis – The Steadfast Starry Universe (Eiderdown Records)
A Lazarus Soul – Decade For Believing
Minced Oath – 38 Petaflops (Countersunk)
Meljoann – Ventilation Shaft (Boy Scout Audio)
Jamie Davis – Lush Stash
Nwyvre – Aspiration (Fort Evil Fruit)
Le Gateaux Bateaux & Bryan O’Connell – The Seven Flames Of Smozjovic
The Last Sound – Pink Trails (Fort Evil Fruit)
Oranges – Pink Sun (Diet of Worms)
Wild Rocket – The Edges Of Reality
Eomac – Being, Not Object (Eotrax)
Schisms – Rap Master 4 (Fort Evil Fruit)
Landless – The Female Convict
Fears – Daze
Crevice – Black Box (Fort Evil Fruit)
Miriam Ingram – Stock Still
Ikeaboy – Powder Paint
Brontis – Futuristic Bum Cream Commercial (Boy Scout Audio)
The Cube Of Unknowing – Kylemore (Fort Evil Fruit)
Rising Damp – Recognise Facism
CaskrĂ© – Gyda Terfsgaeth Gyson (Gash Collective)
Katie Kim – I Make Sparks
Whirling Hall Of Knives – Evil Tonal Beyond (Cruel Nature)
Of One – JU06-QVRB


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