Dispatches from the Underground // November 2021: Vol. 1
Dispatches from the Underground // November 2021: Vol. 1

Dispatches from the Underground // November 2021: Vol. 1

Coming soon…albums, singles, EPs 

Dalham Funf – The Past is a Foreign Country (Castles in Space) (h/t Bob Fischer)

Harrison and Dunkley feat. Chaya Czernowin – Different Time, Different Place

Near Stoic – Notebook (Thoughts & Short Stories) (Third Kind) (h/t Thomas Ragsdale)

“Abstruse Theories in Occult Christian Science” Learning by Listening Vol. 4 presented by @bleed_air (Strategic Tape Reserve)

Sova Synda – Breaking Ice (Bricolage)

Hydrogen Bouquet – Harmonia (MRM)

Lewsberg – In Your Hands (12XU) (h/t StoneFruitRadio)

Theoreme – Les Artisans (Maple Death) (h/t Dillon)

Nick Malkin – Nothing Blues (Mondoj)

Goodparley & Ioan Morris – Surroundings (Subexotic Records) / A cycle of beautifully wrought ‘electronic tone poems’ presented in a striking special edition CD / gorgeous – Spacelab

The Golden Lag by Elkhorn (Blue Hole Recordings)  / Righteous new music from our pals @ElkhornMusic available today. If you’re itching for more, then may I suggest their Southern Star cassette we released in the Spring?WarHen Records

bahía mansa – Mare Amoris EP

nobuka – Road to Reiko

Harrison and Dunkley feat. Chaya Czernowin – Different Time, Different Place

The Secret Provider & b l u e s c r e e n – Karma Salon (Hairs Ablazin’)

Vylter – Vylter vs. S.A.D. (Serotonin Jackalope) (h/t T2, 000, 000)

Culver & La Mancha Del Pecado – Nine (Steep Gloss) / The horror continues from this ongoing transatlantic collaboration of ominous, heavy drone / Volume 9 of the collaboration between Lee Stokoe and Miguel Pérez / Single sided c90 / Tape only

Sophie Cooper – Goodbye Gemini (Borley Rectory) / as well as being a great album it’s also a must for all the people who like a beautiful and thoughtfully assembled cassette packageConcrete Tapes

Natalia Beylis – Variations On A Sewing MachineI have vivid memories of the sound of my mum’s sewing machine from when I was a kid – and though hypnotic it never sounded as beautiful as this… – Daryl Worthington


Album of the Week: Emma Ruth Rundle – Engine of Hell (via Treble/Michael Pementel)

When I’m drowning do you copy me: The best of Arto Lindsay 1978-2002 (via Humanizing the Vacuum)

Review of ‘Ljudkamrater’ a split LP by Centralstodet & The Myrrors on Cardinal Fuzz and Sky Lantern Records (via Andrulian)

[Album Streaming]: J. Lynch – “The tender appropriation” (via Sonofmarketing)

Five Things We Liked This Week – 05/11/21 (via For the Rabbits)

Giöbia and The Cosmic Dead – The Intergalactic Connection: Exploring the Sideral Remote Hyperspace (via Psychedelic Underground Generation) (h/t Record Crates United)

We Need a Socialist Spotify (via Jacobin Magazine)

L’Emission by Atelier Radiofonico (via Colourhorizon)

Album Review: Kazumichi Komatsu – Emboss Star (via I Thought I Heard a Sound)

Mixes / Podcasts / Radio Shows 

Smashin’ Transistors 85: Boulevard Of Broken Dream Books (via Smashin’ Transistors) / feat. The Fall, Meatbodies, Obnox, Hawkwind, Strapping Fieldhands and more

Music Videos

Ugly Twin – Burn / album out soon on Anathemata Editions

The Amenta – Twined Towers (via No Clean Singing)

Jerusalem In My Heart (w/Lucrecia Dalt) – Tanto  (via Aural Aggravation)

Arctic Plateau – Saturn Girl (via Aural Aggravation)

Listening recommendations from back in the day / months prior

Sugaar Pan – 5 Elementi EP (h/t Solemnland)

AITIS BAND – I & II (Record Label) (h/t Jamie Uhler)

Cassels – Gut Feeling (God Unknown Records) (h/t Doomsayer2001)

Mini Skirt – Casino (h/t Vogon Laundromat)

Chrissy Zebby Tembo – My Ancestors (Mississippi Records) / Grabbed this on a Bandcamp Friday whim, can confirm it’s exactly the beautiful soul-sludge album I neededDaryl Worthington


Werra Foxma Records release schedule for 2022

20% discount on Clara Engels catalog until Nov. 7

Saint Pepsi tribute on the way…out on Coraspect Records

Little tease from Shameless Rocks

Bubl – new streaming platform, recommended by Better in the Dark


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