Label News: Skyjelly, Petridisch, Bill Whitten / Grand Mal, Turkish Delight
Label News: Skyjelly, Petridisch, Bill Whitten / Grand Mal, Turkish Delight

Label News: Skyjelly, Petridisch, Bill Whitten / Grand Mal, Turkish Delight

In case you weren’t aware IHN is a label as well as a blog and we got a plethora of digital compilations and physical releases to offer! Not to boast, but we’re sold out of nearly all of our releases – the only item still available is Howcha Magowcha by Turkish Delight and even that is down to just 10 copies, so better act fast if you still want to get it.

We also got some new releases on the way, so lets talk about those as well as our past releases, shall we?

Skyjelly – We Pull the Stars Over Our Heads Like Covers

Like Damo Suzuki goes psych-out!
Moo Kid

Fourth overall release by enigmatic tape dragons out of Boston and the first they put out through us! Beautiful artwork courtesy of Steve Painter (Dark Sunny Land) – limited to 50 copies (3 of which are already gone).

Release date for this one is 5/25 and tape pre-order for Pull is finally here! In the meantime you can stream an entire EP through Echoes and Dust and/or read or a review from Splice Today / Chad Beattie (aka Yes Selma).

Petridisch – Hit Rendition

Boston-based denizen of the electronic underground, Petridisch, unveils at last his latest feat of bizarre technological composition. Hit Rendition is a sweeping master work of layered audio, oozing synth, and eerie organ work that have become the trademarks of Petridisch’s sound.
Houdini Mansions

Out now – a co-release between Grimalkin Records and Fish Prints! This one is going out fast, so, again, better hurry up…and if you don’t feel like picking up any physical there’s Blue Event EP that came out in March on Infinite Sync.
“But I’m Not” by Petri will also appear on our upcoming Spring 2019 sampler alongside tracks by The Cherry Wave, Eyelids, Trium Circulorum, Void Vertex and others!

Grand Mal – Bad Timing

Bill Whitten knows what he’s talking about when it comes to bad timing: with his early-90s band St. Johnny, the Grand Mal leader got a couple toes in the door as part of the post-Nirvana alterna-signing sweepstakes, arriving too late to cash in on the opportunity. Where that might be enough to discourage an average rocker, inviting the certain state of laziness that so often results from near-successes, Whitten reinvented himself as glam-rock savior well ahead of the current revivalist trend– except now that he’s perfected the style, it’s already a casualty of overexposure and style-over-substance bandwagon-jumpers.

Vinyl reissue of 2003 LP by NYC crew that featured Bill Whitten, Justin and Jason Russo, Parker Kindred and Jonathan Toubin in its ranks. Yes, the same Bill Whitten whose first solo album we put out last year – coincidentally many of the members of GM also made an appearance on Burn My Letters.

Stay tuned for more info on the label and the release date! There is, however, a full stream of the album available via our friend’s r0x4ry Youtube channel.

Turkish DelightTommy Bell / Howcha Magowcha

Pulled out a favourite of Thurston Moore and tipped as the missing link between Belly and Sonic Youth the furious experimental noise rock of Turkish Delight’s albums is broken by intriguing vintage sample interludes and from the off make obvious the oversight that they didn’t find a bigger audience in the ‘90s or in the intervening years.
Reckless Yes

While we mentioned this bit of news before its very much worth repeating – we’re proud to say that our British comrades at the Reckless Yes are reissuing both albums by Boston’s no-wave/post punk crew Turkish Delight!

If you feel like learning more about the band or their release, we advise to look into excellent write-ups by Andrea Feldman / Warped Reality Magazine and Marc Masters (NPR / Pitchfork / The Wire) who featured Tommy Bell in Nov. 2017 edition of his Hi-Bias notable cassette releases roundup.


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