Label News – BML/HM Bundle + Kit Records Mix + Album of the Year lists!
Label News – BML/HM Bundle + Kit Records Mix + Album of the Year lists!

Label News – BML/HM Bundle + Kit Records Mix + Album of the Year lists!

There’s been no shortage of activity related to our label lately and we’re excited to share the news with you!
First and foremost – we’re now selling two of our recent tape releases (Burn My Letters by Bill Whitten and Howcha Magowcha by Turkish Delight) as a bundle! Take a look at this beautiful photo by Iain (Ghost Signs / Transpacifica):

We also just debuted new mix series entitled Howcha Magowcha and Its Minions. Volume 1 is built around the track Go Baby and features Ganser, Polvo, Pylon Reenactment Society, FACS and many more. Truly a feast for every post-punk fan out there!

Speaking of mixes…last year we were approached by Kit Records with an offer to make a guest mix. Kit Mix #160 is up now – it features Petridisch, Turkish Delight, William Carlos Whitten, Nelories, Barbara Morgenstern, Cryostasium, Lida Husik, Skyjelly, Dr. Wolfbear and Lord of Overstock. More than an hour of music from IHN and Fish Prints vaults + some exclusive material!

Finally, there’s a number of end of the year/album of the year lists from 2018 that mentioned our recent releases! Thanks to everyone that listened/bought or simply helped to spread the word so far!
Houdini Mansions Top 100 Albums of 2018 – featuring Bill Whitten, Petridisch and Barbara Morgenstern
Albums from 2018 (via Heartscore) – featuring Bill Whitten
Fifty + Impactful Genre Defying Music Releases of 2018 (via Decaycast) – featuring Turkish Delight
2018 Releases I’ve Enjoyed Pt. 1 / Pt. 2 (via Iain) – featuring Bill Whitten and Turkish Delight
Favorites of 2018 (via M Jamison) – featuring Turkish Delight
Top 100 Tunes of 2018 (via IndiePulse Music) – featuring Bill Whitten
Jason Sebastian Russo aka Retsoor (Guiding Light, Hopewell, Mercury Rev) picked Burn My Letters as his favorite album from 2018 in our Instagram poll!
Special thanks to Rolex Tharsus and The Transmitter Down for featuring Turkish Delight tracks in their recent shows (The Rolex Hour of Power 112 and Show 86, respectively)!

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