Reading Room – January 2019
Reading Room – January 2019

Reading Room – January 2019

Even in this digital age we still cherish the value of a written word, so here’s some recent food for thought, compiled and collected in one post!
Think sound therapy, celebrity DJs, monetization of writing and so much more!
Streambait Pop (via Liz Pelly / The Baffler)
I Tried It: Sound Therapy (via Brittany Jasnoff / Boston Magazine)
In a World of ‘Algorithmic Culture’ Music Critics Fight for Relevance (via Cherie Hu / CJR) – see corresponding thread by Jeremy D. Larson
Genesis P-Orridge: Fantastic Transgressor or Sadistic Aggressor? (via Lottie Braziere / The Guardian) – suggested by Hagbard Celine / Amoeba Design
An Oral History of the Laughing Hyenas, One of the Great Unsung Detroit Rock Bands (via Doug Coombe / Metro Times) – suggested by Chris Porter / FlingCo Sound
A Guide to Getting Cassettes Manufactured (via Forged Artifacts)
In 2018, Corporate Monotony Seized San Francisco Venues (via Sam Lefebvre / KQED) – suggested by Dynamite Hemorrhage
Get Lost in Kelly Moran’s Multi-Dimensional Piano Music (via Sam Goldner / Noisey)
When algorithms go wrong we need more power to fight back, say AI researchers (via James Vincent / The Verge)
The Cult of the Celebrity DJs (via Alison King / Independent)
15 Works of Dystopian Fiction Everyone Should Read (via Jason Diamond / Flavorwire)
The Sounds of Video Games – Both Real and Imagined (via Evan Shamoon / Native Instruments) – suggested by The Music Mermaid
Episode 380: In Conversation with Luna Honey; Blood Orange’s Negro Swan (via Chunky Glasses)
The Real Roots of American Rage (via Charles Duhigg / The Atlantic)
Maroon 5 and How the Super Bowl Halftime Show Became Music’s Least Wanted Gig (via Jem Aswad / Shirley Halperin / Variety)
Autobiographical Order No. 326: Slint – Spiderland (via 1000 Times Jeff) – That one time Slint was mentioned on ‘Gilmore Girls’
Visualizing the History of Fugazi (via Carni Klirs) – suggested by Lawrence English
On Difficulty of Monetizing Writing in 2018 (via Gino Sorcinelli)
The Five Numbers That Say Everything About the Music Industry in 2018 (via Tim Ingham / Rolling Stone) – suggested by DrJYTAA
When a Sponsored Facebook Post Doesn’t Pay Off (via Taylor Lorenz / The Atlantic)

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