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Associated Entries: Skin Graft Archive – A-Z

Skin Graft is an American label / comic publishing house run Mark Fischer and Rob Syers. Listed below is the label’s full catalog, divided alphabetically:


Aids Wolf – The Lovvers LP

Aids Wolf Vs. Athletic Automaton – Clash Of The Life-Force Warriors CD / LP

Arab On Radar – Yahweh Or The Highway CD / LP

Arab On Radar – Soak The Saddle CD / LP


Brise-Glace – In Sisters All And Felony 7″

Brise-Glace – When In Vanitas CD / LP

Big’n – Discipline Through Sound CD / LP


Cheer-Accident – Salad Days CD

Cheer-Accident – Gumballhead The Cat CD

Cheer-Accident – Introducing Lemon CD / 2xLP

Chinese Stars – Turbo Mattress CD

Colossamite – All Lingo’s Clamor CD EP

Colossamite / White Tornado Split 7″

Colossamite – Camera Within CD EP

Colossamite – Economy Of Motion CD / LP


Dazzling Killmen / Mother’s Day Split 7″

Dazzling Killmen – Medicine Me 7″

Dazzling Killmen – Lounge Ax Cass

Dazzling Killmen – Face Of Collapse LP / Cass

Dazzling Killmen – Recuerda CD

Denison Kimball Trio – Walls In The City CD / LP / Cass

Denison Kimball Trio – Soul Machine CD / LP


Flossie And The Unicorns – L.M.N.O.P. CD

Flossie And The Unicorns – The Animals Clubhouse LP

Flying Luttenbachers – Revenge Of The Flying Luttenbachers LP / CD

Flying Luttenbachers – Gods Of Chaos CD

Flying Luttenbachers – Destroy All Music CD

Flying Luttenbachers – The Truth Is A Fucking Lie CD

Fruitcake – Patty Lane 7″


Gorge Trio – Open Mouth O Wisp CD


Hatewave – Hatewave LP

High On Fire / Ruins Split 7″

Holy Smokes – Talk To Your Kids About Gangs CD


Koenjihyakkei – Angherr Shisspa CD

Koenjihyakkei – Viva Koenji! CD


Lake Of Dracula – Live At The Fireside Bowl 7″

Lake Of Dracula / Monitor Radio Split 7″


Made In Meixco – Zodiac Zoo CD / LP

Mama Tick – Horsedoctor 7″

MC Trachiotomy – Robot Alien Or Ghost Cass

Melt-Banana – Its All In The Pillcase 7″

Melt-Banana – Scratch Or Stitch CD / LP

Mount Shasta – Nodule 7″

Mount Shasta – Put The Creep On CD / LP / Cass

Mount Shasta – Who’s The Hottie? CD / LP

Mount Shasta – Watch Out CD / LP


Point Line Plane – Smoke Signals CD


Quintron – These Hands Of Mine CD / LP

Quintron – The Frog Tape  CD / LP / Cass

Q Electronics – Drum Buddy Demonstration Vol. 1 CD/ LP


Ruins – Refusal Fossil CD

Ruins – 1986 – 1992 CD

Ruins – Vrresto CD

Ruins – Pallaschtom CD


Shakuhachi Surprise – Space Streakings Sighted Over Mount Shasta

Shorty – Kaput! 7″

Shorty – Thumb Days CD

Shorty – Fresh Breath EP CD / Cass / 10″

Space Streakings – Sexual Aesthetic Salon 7″

Space Streakings – 7-Toku CD / LP / Cass

Space Streakings – Taco Beya 7″

Strangulated Beatoffs – Porky The Pig And Bess 2×7″

Strangulated Beatoffs – INXS 2×7″

Strangulated Beatoffs – Days Of Our Lives CD

Strangulated Beatoffs – Beating Off All Over The World CD / LP


Ufo Or Die – Shock Shoppers 7″

US Maple – Stuck 7″

US Maple – Long Hair In Three Stages CD / LP

US Maple – Sang Phat Editor CD / LP


Yona-Kit – Yona-Kit LP

Yona-Kit – Frankenbitch Radio 7″ (unreleased)

You Fantastic! – Riddler EP CD

You Fantastic! – Pals EP CD

You Fantastic! – Homesickness CD

Yowie – Cryptooology CD


Zeek Sheck – I Love You CD

Zeek Sheck – Good Luck Suckers CD

Zeek Sheck – Good Luck Remix LP

Zeni Geva – Autofuck 7″

Zeni Geva – Nai Ha / Superunit 7″ LP + 12″


Camp Skin Graft CD

Engine Engine Number 9 Cass

Now Wave – Act One

Now Wave – Scene Two

Now Wave – Strike Three

Sides 1-4

Sides 5-6

Sides 7-10

The Blueghost Party Flavor

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