IHN Fest 2022 Recapped // Skyjelly
IHN Fest 2022 Recapped // Skyjelly

IHN Fest 2022 Recapped // Skyjelly

Looped claps, drums, and shakers craft a fiery groove and rugged guitars interleave slyly. Echoed and barely intelligible vocals latch around the repetition for a while, then at three minutes a searing guitar solo melts your face right off. Think a Butthole Surfers’ wig out executed with William Onyeabor’s lo-fi funk aesthetic.

Tristan Bath via Quietus 

Preceded by I Feel Tractor

Bringing in their Middle Eastern / free jazz vibes the night during our packed show at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn were Skyjelly. Throughout years their music achieved comparisons to anyone from Animal Collective to Can, yet in the end their music is very much unlike anything else out there. Essentially a solo project of Rick “Skyjelly”, live they’re supplemented by different configurations of drummers and bassists. You can find their releases on Doom Trip Records (LA) and Eggs in Aspic (UK) – there’s also a split they did with fellow psychonauts Solilians that we’re extremely proud of.


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