IHN Fest 2022 Recapped // I Feel Tractor
IHN Fest 2022 Recapped // I Feel Tractor

IHN Fest 2022 Recapped // I Feel Tractor

Occasional Wooden Wand collaborator Eddie Berrigan phones it in from Brooklyn, NY. A NYC poetry scene veteran (and son of poet Ted Berrigan), it’s Eddie’s deep and innate understanding of poetics that elevates his songs above the good-looking-dude-with-a-guitar level and into the fantastic. His lyrics are evocative but completely unpredictable, without ever being absurd, and musically he never quite settles in a familiar place. Listening to I Feel Tractor is like doing a double take while listening to an old 78, like rediscovering the possibilities of folk music.

Phoning It In

Talking about bands that played our packed Brooklyn show on December 10 at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn! Up first is I Feel Tractor, for this occasion a duo of Eddie Berrigan and Jarrod Annis. Think folk/psych with a heavy dose of slide guitar and an occasional foray into a swampy blues groove.

IFTs only official release to date is Once I Had an Earthquake LP that came out in 2005 via Goodbye Better, label run by Ben Malkin of Solilians. Nevertheless, they’re an active touring/live act that shared the stage with the likes of Thurston Moore! You can also find a couple of their tracks on GB archival compilations put together for us by Ben – namely, North Dakota (Goodbye Better Sampler) and Remainder (GB3).


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