Head Clearing Noise // Guest Mix by Vogon Laundromat
Head Clearing Noise // Guest Mix by Vogon Laundromat

Head Clearing Noise // Guest Mix by Vogon Laundromat

Head Clearing Noise

It’s mainly guitar bands with an DIY aesthetic with a few extra’s thrown in. It’s quite a personal selection and reflects where my head is at the moment. There are bands I’ve seen over the past year along with recommendations that people have given me from shout outs on Twitter, from people at gigs or in one case a CDR someone gave me. Some of the bands have had tours cancelled, while others have contributed in raising funds for good causes. All are very much deserving of more exposure for sure and do it for love not money.

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Terminal Cheesecake – V.D.K. NeckLe Sacre Du Lièvre (Box Records)

Terminal Cheesecake were formed in North and East London in 1988. Alongside contemporaries such as Godflesh and God the band wielded an uncompromising and impure blend of further than far out pysch, dub and hammered industrial grooves.

Their latest album Le Sacre Du Liévre features 7 tracks of unyielding psych freak outs and thus continues Terminal Cheesecake’s dedication to pushing psychedelic sonics to the extreme. At times this album reaches a seemingly unfathomable relentlessness with new songs Wipey’s Revenge, Golden Hair and V.D.K. Neck stomping mud holes into the earth which threaten to implode the universe.

Machiavellian Art – NeanderthalS/T (self released)

“Xaman” era Skullflower infused with a negative punk drive. AKA the good shit.

I’m Being Good – MonotaskerA Constellation Of Bad ideas (Infinite Chug)

There’s something to be said for sticking to your guns, something which I’m Being Good seem all too aware of. Formed in 1989, the band have seen contemporaries come and go while they’ve played the long game. I’m Being Good was originally the bedroom vision of guitarist/vocalist Andrew Clare (also of Bald Mermaid). This was eventually fleshed out into a band. Seeing several shifts in the line up, they have settled into an established three piece. – Beats to the Bar

Blóm – Be KindFlower Violence (Box Records)

The debut album ‘Flower Violence’ is a succinct introduction to Blóm. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Grant at Blank Studios – Summer 2019.

Lyrically the album explores themes of queerness, feminism, gender identity, mental health, socio economic challenges, christianity, Twin Peaks and the Fyodor Dostoyevsky novel ‘Crime and Punishment’. The latter theme is covered in – Übermensch, listed as two tracks on the album, which for the most part, was structured in the studio.

Salac – The PitAvon Garde (Avon Terror Corps)

Members of Bristol collective Avon Terror Corps, Salac are a Gaelic industrial duo hailing from separate cold corners of the world. Intersecting pagan ritualism with industrial choral alchemy, together they sculpt séances of sacred sound; igniting fires through walls of noise, voice, disjointed rhythm structures and intense ceremonial performance. One for the midnight edge-lords, Salac is a terrifying trip through abandoned wells, ritual dreampop, so-dank-it’s-almost-slo-grime industrial heaviness and the wild plants of Hy Brasil.

Biscuit Mouth – Test Yourself CheaperHot Change (self released)

General noisemakers. Two pieces of.

Trigger Cut – Hellcat BobBuster (self released)

This is Wreckage – SkivvyI Don’t Live, I Exist (Forbidden Place Records)

Repetitor – Gde ćešGde ćeš (Moonlee Records)

Catafalque – Ichor (Tyrant Flycatcher’s Will of the Lord Remix)Corpses (Trepanation Recordings)

SANS – Aztec DripsSANS EP (self released)

Obey Cobra – IntermissionOblong (self released)

The Tunnel – Plasma DenShapeshifter – (Forbidden Place Records)

Cavalier Song – HeathenA Deep Well – (God Unknown Records)

Pyramids – The House Is Like Any Other WorldS/T (Hydra Head Records)

DJ Ductape – Walkie Talkestra 001Avon Garde (Avon Terror Corps)


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