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Household Gods - Band Photo

Remember Zwan? I’m sure you do – that was Billy Corgan’s transitional band between old and new Smashing Pumpkins (that would be pre-Infowars era Billy).

Well, here comes something way cooler. David Pajo of Tortoise / Slint / Zwan fame started a new band with Vern Rumsey from Unwound – its called Household Gods. They also got Conan Neutron (of Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends fame) on guitar/vocals!

“Palace Intrigue”, their debut, is a tribute to Portland musician Lauren LKN Newman (Palo Verde) whose voice and riffs permeate the album. Musically its more Slint than Unwound – immensely heavy, but immensely catchy/atmospheric as well, which is exactly how one could describe “Hostile Architecture”. The riffs, the melodies – once you heard it, you would want to hear it again…and again…and again. Its as if the 90s never ended.

Palace Intrigue is out right now on Seismic Wave Entertainment

Recorded at Rancho De La Luna January 15th-19th, 2019 / Mastered by Bob Weston / guest appearances by Dave Catching (Earthlings?) / Kate Wakefield (Lung

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