Guest Mixes // January 2021 Bandcamp Finds by Soulscorch
Guest Mixes // January 2021 Bandcamp Finds by Soulscorch

Guest Mixes // January 2021 Bandcamp Finds by Soulscorch

Roundup of recent Bandcamp finds / recommendations from one of our most dedicated contributors – Soulscorch!


Ashot Danielyan – Farewell (Angelic Soul / Self Released)

Ashot Danielyan is a pianist and composer from Moscow, Russia. He composes music in a variety of genres such as Classical, Ambient, New Age and Experimental music. His favourite instrument remains the piano, which he includes prominently in most of his music.

Radio Europa – We’re Here (Look Past the Mirror EP / Wormhole World)

Born out depression, addiction, and a love of the strange. Radio Europa formed around Tangled Parrot Records in Carmarthen desperate to get their diaries heard.

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Baldocaster – Map to The Stars (part 2) (Exodus​/​Solare / Burning Witches Records)

Loosely conceptualized around Galileo and his discoveries. Otherworldly synth escapism at its finest.

The Home Current And Peter Wix – The Colour Concierge (solicitude) (Unfortunes / Subexotic Records)

Isvisible/Isinvisible – under The Still Lake (Moon​-​White Water / Burning Witches Records)

MOON-WHITE WATER the 5th album from modular synth post punk Isvisible/Isinvisible

Recorded live using a modular synth and some old late 70’s early 80’s reverbs, delays and drum machines, all with no overdubs. The album exudes influences of the Banshees, Joy Division, Magazine and post punk, whilst adding elements of experimentation, a touch of dub, and a smidge of synthpop. Full of buzzing drones, beats and oscillator fuzz.

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Yazmin Lacey And Congi – Dust (Two Takes EP/ Self Released)

We’ve been making music together for years, with the idea of working on an EP always in the ether. Two Takes is a body of work created in our homes; from the production and songwriting to the recording and mixing. By finishing each song in ‘two takes’ we kept the process as raw and organic as possible.

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Alfa Mist – Run Outs (Bring Backs / Anti-)

Alfa Mist is one of the driving forces behind a young and vibrant scene of UK musicians, who’ve taken on jazz as their musical narrative. On his new album Bring Backs the producer, self-taught pianist and rapper takes us on a sonic trip back to his beat-making past on the streets of East London, through the depth and musicality he discovered composing and playing jazz.

Jr Thomas And The Volcanoes – Sunk In The Mist (Self Released)

A bonus cut from Jr. Thomas’ “Rockstone” sessions in L.A., this little nugget from a forthcoming 7-inch single oozes with all the sweet Jamaican vibes that fans of Jr. Thomas have become accustomed to! Authentically steeped in traditional JA music, but also clearly forward facing with wonderful original songwriting from Tom McDowall.

Unruly – Sick Of This Pain (remix) (Unruly – Sick of this Pain Remix / Salomon Heritage)

Skarra Mucci And Derrick Sound – Who Fool Dem (Evidence Music)

Ancient Astronauts ft Ife Piankhi – Social Distancing (ZIK ZAK / Switchstance Recordings)

Over three years in the making, ZIK ZAK is an African musical odyssey, featuring some of the freshest talent from nine countries on the mother continent. Tying this remarkable range of artists together are German production team ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS, weaving the vocal talents of the African singers into their distinctive “Boom Dub” sound. Drawing on Hip Hop, Dancehall, Roots Reggae, Bass Music, Soul, Electronica and Breakbeat, the production incorporates live instruments and musical influences from all over Africa and its diaspora.

The Winston Brothers – Winston Theme (Self Released)

Masterminded by Sebastian Nagel, “Winston Theme” takes us back to those early to mid ‘90s heavy funk instrumentals that were starting to creep out here in the United States and Europe. When we say heavy, we mean heavy all around. Heavy horns, heavy drums, and a heavy vibe that leans hard to the funk side with hip hop undertones. This is how a funk record is supposed to be. – Flea Market Funk

Emanative And Liz Elensky ft Vince Vella – Tea Leaf Dancers (The Volume Of The Light / Home Planet)

“Tea Leaf Dancers” is the second of three singles taken from the forthcoming new Emanative & Liz Elensky album “The Volume Of The Light”, to be released on Home Planet on Jan 22nd (Ltd edition vinyl & digital).

Producer & drummer Emanative and vocalist Liz Elensky conjure up a fresh and original take on one of their Flying Lotus favourites.

Subtle spacey samba influences meet hip hop and electronics. Hauntingly beautiful vocals orbit brazil, floating above live drums alongside programmed beats and not to mention synth & percussive contributions from good friend and Emanative percussionist: Vince Vella illuminating the celebrations down below.

STR4TA – Aspects (Aspects / Brownswood Recordings)

Brownswood bring you a brand new project, STR4TA, born from a recorded improvised session recorded from a shed in London just before lockdown with the finishing touches made remotely.

Hania Rani – Nest (Portico Quartet remix) (Portico Quartet / Hania Rani / Gondwana Records)

Portico Quartet / Hania Rani brings the singular Polish pianist and composer, Hania Rani, and East-London based widescreen minimalists, Portico Quartet, together for a unique collaboration.

The idea was simple, each artist would rework one of each other’s tunes. The result is a beautiful collaborative work that feel less like straight forward remixes and more like a new recording that brings the two acts distinctive sound worlds to a new place

Drew Mulholland – From The Elmwood (Sydelia Jones / Colander)

Delia Derbyshire on occasion told Drew Mulholland about her great friendship with Brian Jones and how they always spoke about doing some recording together, though – probably – it never actually happened. Syd Barrett also visited Delia at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop at around the same time (October 1967). On these seven recordings Drew imagines what a project involving all three may have sounded like.

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