Review: Radio Europa – Look Past the Mirror EP
Review: Radio Europa – Look Past the Mirror EP

Review: Radio Europa – Look Past the Mirror EP

Radio Europa Look Past the Mirror

Radio Europa are a collective from Carmarthen, Wales and are not to be confused with “Europa FM” the Romanian radio station that hogs a Google search. The group were “Born out of depression, addiction and a love of the strange” to get “their diaries heard.” They make a wonderfully lo-fi, electronic music that is a vessel for the groups spoken-word poetry, which is delivered in a soft and warm Welsh accent.

The EP opens with the atmosphere setting and title track “Look Past The Mirror.” A gentle instrumental song, touching on ambient and drone like sounds, with a primitive sounding, subtle rhythm that drops away allowing “Look Past The Mirror” to drift into the first spoken-word song “cliché.” Over a wistful, breezy soundtrack Radio Europa pokes fun at banality. “I’m going to bark slogans and pump fist over diet coke punk, you get the drift, because I’m a cliché.” On “I Am Free,” a song built on synth keys, Radio Europa shows their humorous side, before dropping into the amazingly melancholic “We’re Here.” The simple keys and synths perfectly soundtrack Radio Europa’s efficient and effective words of support. The EP ends on “Lick The Shadow.” Another simple and delightful score to soundtrack the story of the post pub experience, in the suburbs.

LPTM’s dreamy, lo-fi, musical under belly is an ideal match for the Radio Europa’s spoken-word. Their musings run a wide range from amusing, uplifting, wistful, to reflective, mournful and slightly sad.

Radio Europa’s catalog is available via Wormhole World, an interesting boutique, hobby label, based in Lancashire and easily found on Bandcamp. The EP is a Name Your Own Price release and I would suggest it’s definitely worth buying them a pint.

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