Guest Mix – J Moss (The Modern Folk of America)
Guest Mix – J Moss (The Modern Folk of America)

Guest Mix – J Moss (The Modern Folk of America)

Guest mix by J Moss Рthe editor of The Modern Folk of America blog (as well as a member of The Modern Folk / owner of Practice Records)

William Csorba – time was like water (and i was the sea)

a live track from texas american primitive guitarist WIlliam Csorba. i like this opening track to his set because you can hear the audience quiet down as they become impressed with his shredding. (twittter @WilliamCsorba)

an atmospheric and menacing idustrial/psych/lofi guitar¬†and drum-machine piece from eclectic bedroom recordist C.M. Slenko. From his great new album “Royal Blue Days”. (twitter @CMSlenko)
from his latest cassette release ‘light is gone’, this weird, short blue-blood-shot-eyed lofi soul jam conveys a strange desperation. (twitter @_fieldmedic)

Zero Disorder – Basement

“Basement” has a guitar riff that i can only describe as psychedelic hillbilly black flag. the only lyrics are “basement torture” and it’s a minute long. the rest of the EP it’s on, “warm fuzzy feeling”, is really good too. (twitter @ZeroDisorder)

this 13 minute jam that goes from twisted gutter ayahuasca blues stomp to full on industrial grunge pound was the “single” from PC Worship’s latest EP “Basement Hysteria”. if you know this band, you know they are among the best currently active and they will melt your mind. (no twitter)
Marcus Eads is a string player in the american primitive tradition from Minnesota. ‘Old Rock Dam’ is a great track from his exploration of the banjo, ‘Spirit River Banjo’. he captures the misty spirituality of the instrument in these stark recordings. (no twitter…i think)

Eye of Elephant is an NY based MC and producer. She is heavily influenced by trip-hop, which I like. “Sheepshead Bay”, the opening track on her EP “Hannibal’s Animals”, is a dreamy banger.
(twitter @eyeofelephant1)

The Lucies – The Pacific

I love the free-and-easy vibes of this song from The Lucie’s latest album of bedroom slacker rock jams, “You Must Be Great at Parties”. (twitter @ocean_explorer_)

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