Gone In 60 Seconds – A-Z – Drone Forest
Gone In 60 Seconds – A-Z – Drone Forest

Gone In 60 Seconds – A-Z – Drone Forest

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Artistic collective creating gritty ambient and quietnoise music. Drone Forest utilizes the internet to trade sound sources, which are assembled by the group into drone based soundscapes.
With a few notable exceptions, each of Drone Forest’s full-length releases are assembled by a single member of the collective, using sound sources recorded by the group. Thus the character of the group is relayed via an individual expression. Since the band is separated by great distance, audio source files are exchanged over the internet, each member’s own sound studio used to manipulate and arrange the sounds toward a common set of ideals.
The Drone Forest project was initiated by Ian C. Stewart in the year 2002 when he requested electronic audio files from Michael J. Bowman, C. Reider and Davie Blint. Mr. Stewart then used these files to create several long pieces of experimental music, which he set to a videotape of stark Winter trees.
In the Spring of 2003, Drone Forest became active as a collaborative effort.

C. Reider on “One Minute”
In 2007, Zan Hoffman asked me for a collection of fifteen one minute long tracks, which he used to compose a piece called “the Prostitution of Uncertainty”.  The piece that appears on “gone in 60 seconds” was one of the pieces I gave to him.
The sources used to create this track came from the collective Drone Forest library.  All four members of Drone Forest contributed to a shared library with original sound sources… we each used that library to assemble our own Drone Forest compositions with the shared dictum: “No beat, no melody”.
Our collection of sources kept being manipulated/effected and added back into the library, so eventually it was hard to say for sure what the origin of any given source sound was.  That said, I think most of this track is guitar based.
Amy’s Arms / Metacollage 12″ (Vuzh Music, 2007)
Airways Nova Teeth MP3 (Vuzh Music, 2009)
Drone Forest MP3 (Vuzh Music, 2009)
Drone Forest || MP3 (Vuzh Music, 2009)
Our Ghost In Her Wood MP3 (Vuzh Music, 2009)
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