C Reider – Selected Discography
C Reider – Selected Discography

C Reider – Selected Discography

C. Reider is a composer of ambient/drone music who’s been active since 1991 (both as a solo artist and a member of groups like Drone Forest). He runs Vuzh Music label and currently resides in Northern Colorado.
Man-Hours Cass (Vuzh Music, 1997)
Altered Statements Cass (Mutant Cactus + Vuzh Music, 1998)
Triple Occupancy (with De Fabriek and Implicit Order) CDr (Wholeness, 1999)
Some Things I Did When I Lost My Mind CDr (Vuzh Music, 2001)
Steam Inspector CDr (Just Not Normal, 2009)
Selected Compilation Tracks
“Coldwall Has Cringe” on The Disarticulation Room (Mutant Cactus, 1998)
“Isinglass II” on Ambient Intimacy Volume 4 (EE Tapes, 2000)
“A Stretch Of Logic” on on Squeezing Being – A Modern Approach To Reality Manipulation (Wholeness, 2000)
“Tinfoil Suicide Bomber Costume” + “Miss Israel In Bulletproof Gown” + “Bazoft Chainsaw” on El Tafkeera: Re-Mixs In Rememberance Of Muslimgauze (Sublevel 9 Studios, 2002)
Further Info:  Complete Discography on Vuzh Music | Last.fm | MySpace


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