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With their brand of fractured rock’n’roll, heavy reliance on digital effects and (supposedly) grotesque lyrics / indecipherable vocals (courtesy of vocalist Megan Tweed), this Seattle trio brings to mind comparisons with the likes of now defunct Pain Teens and an obscure (but equally seizure-inducing) act Picasso Trigger . While not as innovative as PT, the band still packs quite a punch and they’re also a terrific live act, according to some of the reports.
Formed in San Francisco in 2004, the band consists of Marc and Megan Tweed and Jeff Doom. Since their formation, they recorded two albums – 2008 “Spice Rack” and 2009 “White Medicine” and also toured with the likes of Indian Jewelry, Foxboro Hot Tubs and Made Out Of Babies, among others.
“Spice Rack” was described by the band as “11 tracks of searing electro mindfuckery”, while Ink19 website described the record as a good choice “for those who prefer constant sonic attack”. “White Medicine” is self-described as a music to “cause seizures and inspire poisonings” and the band’s style on the record was described by as “ultraviolent art rock”.
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