Dispatches from the Underground // Weekend Grab Bag- Nov. 2022
Dispatches from the Underground // Weekend Grab Bag- Nov. 2022

Dispatches from the Underground // Weekend Grab Bag- Nov. 2022

New Music

Signal Flow – Jupiter EP / Have had some lovely feedback on my latest release, if you missed it you can get your lugholes around it here : take a trip to JupiterAlex Martin via Northworks

Sister Wives – Y Gawres (Libertino) (h/t Simon Tucker)

CS + Kreme – Orange / this new CS + Kreme album is subtly HUGE. they’re out exploring the deep spaces past Demdike Stare and Shackleton at this point and I’m loving it. haunting menace undercurrents and gleaming black textures aboveDavid James

Pastel – Isaiah EP (Spirit of Spike Island) / this band can only go from strength to strength! – Andrew Bamber

GAUPA – Myriad / I was introduced to this band earlier this year! Vocalist sounds a whole lot like Björk singing to stoner rock/metal! This is absolutely worth jamming in your ear holes! – Doomsayer2001

Earstone / Marcus H – Gumm + Gary Wilkinson – Spiritual Church (Wormhole World)

Sunik Kim –  Raid on the White Tiger Regiment (Notice Recordings) (h/t Helena Celle)

Selection of new releases by Doomsayer 2001

Stream these with Gimme Tinnitus

Listening Recommendations

Kaleidoscope – Exhaustion (La Vida Es Un Mus) / Some PP repetition for you, its a couple of years old now but i cant get enough of Kaleidoscope’s After The Futures this yearVogon Laundromat

Earth – Descent to the Zenith (h/t T2,000,000)

Papir – Jams (Stickman Records) / Once every second year or so I get lost in a hole of listening to all of Papir’s/my own records. Usually with mixed feelings/thoughts like “I shouldn’t have done that vs. I couldn’t have done it differently than that”. Egocentric I guess,but I hope it’s part of a learning processNiklas Sorensen

Gaul Plus – Soiled Ether (Bedouin Records) (h/t GHOST)

Two records by Tegh – picked by T2,000,000

Todd – Purity Pledge (Southern Records) (h/t Hourd Jeremy)

Radio, Mixes, Podcasts

The Moderns ep. 237 (via Kevin Press)


High Command – Eclipse of the Dual Moons (Zachary Nathanson via Echoes & Dust)

The Hills don’t have ayes (via Silent Words Speak Loudest)

Dezron Douglas – ATALAYA (via Record Crates United)


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