Dispatches from the Underground // November 18, 2022
Dispatches from the Underground // November 18, 2022

Dispatches from the Underground // November 18, 2022

New Music

VVMPYRE – Atrocity / see also –  two mixes that VVMPYRE did for us – 1 and 2

anrimeal – Skin Deep: A Study On Human Skin And Concert / On my second go through @anrimeal ‘s new album “Skin Deep” and it’s really, really goodPeter Nagle (h/t The Leaf Library)

Kimber – Slow Moon, Long Night (Safe Suburban Home) (h/t James Thornhill / Circuit Sweet)

Andrew Wasylyk – Hearing The Water Before Seeing The Falls (Clay Pipe Music) (h/t George F Killgoar 3)

Simon McCorry – Mouthful of Dust (Polar Seas) / For what it’s worth – now available & fully listenable to. Possibly my finest work to date (h/t Doug K)

Kilynn Lunsford – Custodians Of Human Succession (Ever/Never) (h/t Disciples)

Monogoto – Partial Deletion of Everything (Vol. 2) (Polar Seas) / Ambient artists Ian Hawgood, Porya Hatami and David Newman continue their series of works based on the concept of creation, change, deletion, and lossAudiobulb

Owners – S/T (Red Room / Dischord) / The Owners are a band from DC, featuring Dante & Catherine Ferrando, Alec Budd and Laura Harris. They have played in bands from Iron Cross, Gray Matter, The Shirks , Ex Hex

Fuck Money – S/T (Three One G) (h/t Post-Trash)

Daniel Bachman – Almanac Behind (3lobed) / It’s really good! – Cory Capron

John Vanderslice – Amethyst (h/t Beau Sorenson)

Pulse Emitter – Dusk (Hausu Mountain) / A beautiful, detailed album, perfect for seasonal change

V/A – 5 (Chinabot) / Celebrating five years of the experimental music label Chinabot, longtime collaborators and new acts join together for 5, Chinabot’s latest compilation release on cassette and digital. 
The 12-track compilation features music from key artists who have defined Chinabot as a label, such as Jaeho Hwang, Sabiwa, Sarah Haras, Ayankoko, JPN Kasai and Pal Hwang Dan. The mix also looks to the future of the label with new artists Nanzhen Yang, Papaphilia, Chooc Ly and more

VA – bivouac of the avant​-​garde: contemporary minimal, electronic and experimental music, vol​.​2 (Difficult Art and Music) (h/t Steev Hise)

New and in the queue – roundup by Jeff

Out today (lend em your ears) – roundup by Adam Downey

New Releases out this week – compiled by Post-Trash

Listening Recommendations

Harvey Mandel – Snake Pit (Tompson Square) / Snake Pit is 6 years old today ! “A storming return to the fray” – MOJO (4 Stars). Recorded at Fantasy Studios with @ryleywalker buds. New album out Dec 9th ! Revisit Snake Pit (LP sold out) (h/t Record Crates United)

Whatever the Weather – S/T + Loraine James – Building Something Beautiful For Me / We didn’t even get to the end-of-year lists yet. Loraine James has two slots in my top 10 for sureBryan Waterman

Carry – Learning Music / Tyler (@averyscaredcat) has been quietly rolling out good stuff for a good bit now, I recommend all of it, but this one hits very deeply for me. He deserves the listen, as this shit rules – Davis Salisbury

Blacklisters – BLKLSTRS (Brew Records) / I’d been on an electronic music kick for a while and now I’m randomly back to listening to Blacklisters a lot. Highly recommended to anyone into aggressive noise rock. I’m surprised their first record came out a full decade ago. Holds up great imoNate Holdren

Hipwell – Too Much / I don’t know if I missed this before but I just scored this album today. @adamhipwell is one of my favorite up and coming artists. I’m looking forward to how he evolvestarotplane


Edzyawa – Projection One (Soundway) / 1973 garage funk rock from Lagos, perfect weekend opener! This is a reissue from
@SoundwayThe Home Current

James Newton – Flute Music / Also, probably not going to do a separate reissues list this year b/c time/capacity/etc, but rest assured this is still my favoriteFoxy Digitalis

The Implicit Order – Drifters / Some plunderphonic cut-up weirdness for you

Low – Lullaby / The world can disappear, if Mimi is singingMusicophilia

Radio, Mixes, Podcasts

Atom Heart Mutha – Hard Rock Hell Radio – 18th November 2022

The Capsule Garden Vol 1.39: November 18, 2022 (via Foxy Digitalis)

All Shook Up with Paul Wright – 100% HEAVY Guitar Music


Richard Evans –  Listening to the Music the Machines Make: Inventing Electronic Pop 1978-1983 / Learned last night that Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark flirted with the idea of calling themselves Margaret Thatcher’s AfterbirthBenW

Music Review // Melissa Marchese – “Sirens” (via Raised by Cassettes)

Hal Cannon – Nothin’ Lastin’ (via Slim Chance)

London Odense Ensemble – “Casper’s Green” (via Raven Sings the Blues)

The Photocopies- Hopelessly Devoted (self released) (via Daggerzine / Daggerboy)


Buncha download codes from Joyful Noise!

4 releases of choice from Moving Furniture


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