Dispatches from the Underground // September 5, 2022
Dispatches from the Underground // September 5, 2022

Dispatches from the Underground // September 5, 2022

 New Music

CB3 – Exploration (Majestic Vinyl) / For fans of Smashing Pumpkins, Slowdive, GrailsPeter Guy via Doomsayer2001

VA – 80s Underground Cassette Culture: Volume 2 (Contort Yourself) / These cuts are deeper than deep – forthcoming on @CYcontortyrself. So good. – Echoes in a Shallow Bae

Cub/cub – Radiant Crush (Subexotic) / So much happening last Friday. One thing being the new release from
@hellocubcub on @subexotic. Life in an “ambiguous world”. Nothing is quite how it seems. Or sounds. Enjoy. If you haven’t already.Disruptive Rhythms Electronic Music Radio

Mirensky / Sysoev – Discordia Concors (Archive Officielle Publications) / This is *fantastic*, really fast, delicate, detailed sounds. Bravo @ArchiveOfficiePCasey Anderson

Listening Recommendations

Jon Brooks – How To Get To Spring (Café Kaput) (h/t odubhda)

Dennis Young – Robots on Fire / ‘Robots On Fire’ is a unique recording blending industrial style vocals, drum machines and synthesizers with live instruments. The twelve songs dives deep into primal dance music rhythms that Dennis Young usually brings to his sound. – Shiny Beast

Superchunk – Tossing Seeds (h/t LUC)


Erased Tapes 十五 Festival Betonhalle, Silent Green in Berlin / October 30 / featuring Masayoshi Fujita, Rival Consoles, Ben Lukas Boysen and more

High Zero – Baltimore / Sep. 15-18 /  The 22 featured performers include 2022 Pulitzer-winning composer Raven Chacon

Radio, Mixes, Podcasts

AMLD Ep. 022 (hosted by Geoff Wilt)


Wesley Brown – Blue in Green / Enjoyed the hell out of Wesley Brown’s novella “Blue in Green,” set on the night in 1959 Miles Davis was beaten by a cop in front of Birdland. Wished the book were 10x longer. Coming next month from @BlankFormsDavid Grubbs

Review of Oeste AD by Ondness (via Quietus)


Grab some nice t-shirts from Riot Season!

Hear a snippet from worriedaboutsatan remix of Arms and Sleepers


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