Dispatches from the Underground // September 13, 2022
Dispatches from the Underground // September 13, 2022

Dispatches from the Underground // September 13, 2022

New Music

Jenn Taiga – Siege (h/t Cat Temper)

Jeanines – Latest Light / After All (Market Square Records) (h/t Chickfactor)

they are gutting a body of water – lucky styles / new tagabow / rec and mix by me / there’s like 20 gtrs and 10 vocals in here. we dumped stems to 1/2″ sm468 before final mixdown / master by corey coffmanther_ther_ther

Phew – Phew Names / I’m entranced by the experimentationWilliam Fertanish

Listening Recommendations

Brad Linde with Wendy Eisenberg/Erika Dohi/Luke Stewart/Allison Miller – Into Thin Air (Bleebop) / Amazing album that seemed to go under almost everyone’s radar last year. I found it while trying to fill some of the holes I have in @eisenbergsounds discographyAhmad Zaghal

Emetic – S/T (Shirley Road Records) / Nearly ten years after it was originally recorded by a group of death-obsessed teens, Emetic returns with a remastered and rereleased debut that still sounds like a lo-fi basement show bootleg, the way powerviolence shouldduplication.ca

Biosphere – Genkai 1 (h/t Flying Teapot)

Deerhoof – Reveille / In the early 00’s I was obsessed with their first couple of albums, but didn’t know they were a band anymore. So I was surprised they were touring, surprised they had a new album to sell(tour edition btw), and surprised it was such a masterpieceAdam Grimord-Isham


De-mixing the Beatles (via Dada Drummer Almanach / Damon K / h/t  The Mighty Concrete Tapes)

Charles Stepney : Step on Step (via Treble / channelsubtext)

Resident Evil (2002) – Throwback 20 (via Set the Tape)

Various Artists: Cocoon Compilation T (via Spectrum Culture / j simpson)


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Thread of interviews conducted by AnalogueTrash!

Ceschi Ramos interview

20th anniversary remaster of Headdress by Sunburned Hand of the Man – out on Three Lobed!


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