Dispatches from the Underground // October 15, 2021
Dispatches from the Underground // October 15, 2021

Dispatches from the Underground // October 15, 2021

Read issue 7 of Dukes of Scuba, Journal of Welsh Free Improvisation / featuring interviews with Welsh improv legend Rhodri Davies and Andy Hodges and a roundup of all the new releases and upcoming improvised music events around Wales (h/t there are no birds here)

New episode of Coughing Pigeon on Brum Radio tonight! Richard & Linda Thompson, Scottish post-punks Josef K, @jessy_lanza, , some dancehall bits including Sister China, Risto Benji, Sizzla, classic dnb from @MRGOLDIE

Plenty of new music to read up on / listen to in Bandcloud 363 / Nick Zanca, Noise à Noise, Hreám Recordings, Wthr Exposed, Stuart Cook, MEROUJ, margenrot, Dunya, cast coverts, The Department of Energy, Relaxer and Aho Ssan

New episode of Space is the Place radio show! Featuring Camp of Wolves, Polyhymns, Star Rover, Portico Quartet and more

Over at God is in the TV > Sea Fever – Folding Lines (Kartel Music Group)

Over at Echoes & Dust > Exclusive Video Premiere: Karhide – ‘Alarm And Abort’

Over at Norman > Label Watch: Rvng Intl + ‘Kingdom Of Heaven’ by ESP Summer / Once released as an extremely limited lathe cut for the Japanese market, the collaboration between Ian Masters of Pale Saints and His Name Is Alive’s Warren Defever jumps to LP

Over at Foxy Digitalis > FD Mix #25: Jamie Stewart

Out today > A Comprehensive List by The Billows Burn Bright (h/t Oceanographer)

Out today > Pumpkinship by Binaural Space / Great new Halloween Jack-o-lantern themed album … always bringing the Evergreen treeFRBH Recordings

Out today on Room40 > Jubilee by Robert Takahashi Crouch (h/t David Grubbs)

Out today on outlines > grids 2 comp / featuring Bass Clef, Kit Christopher, Automatisme and more

Out today on Klammklang > Excercice d’écoute non​-​humaine by Diana Romanova (h/t FRKTL)

Out today on I’m Into Life Records > Creepy Covers comp / featuring Mark Lightcap (Acetone), Kal Marks,
(T-T)b, Haasan Barclay and more (h/t Exploding in Sound)

Out today on Z Tapes > Gloom / Bloom by Community Swimming Pool

Out today on LuckyMe Records > Songs of Vienna by Cid Rim / This is winning me over, little bit Caribou, little bit…..something else electronicDillon

Out today on Zel Zele Records > Glimpses of an Eternal Bloom by Berk Icli / my New Age/ambient pick of the week, RIYL the Jusell-Prymek-Sage-Shiroishi albums from cachedmediaBill Barnett

Out today on Totally Real Records > Votives by Old Man of the Woods / OMFG this album from our labelmate Miranda is beyond beautiful!!We Are Joiners

New episode of Supersonic Podcast! Celebrating women of electronic music

Up for pre-order via Hot Salvation / Object > In Reverse by Melinda Bronstein (Leaf Library) / not a billion miles from Colleen’s Thrill Jockey work, but much, much darker, almost PJ Harvey ‘White Chalk’ or Focus Group and Broadcast ‘Investigate Witch Cults’ in its tone”

Up for pre-order via Past Inside the Present > Glazed Vision by Christina Giannone + watch the teaser / worriedaboutsatan remix of the track ‘Telepathy’

Familiarize yourself with Superspectrum Music Library, since they got something new on the way

Something new from Sean Clancy

Get your CD copy of Vodka Parade by the Home Current

Back after a two year hiatus…Sara Laughs Records! Chad from SL put out a tape entitled Derty Islo under nom de plume Smolyyaan Dripp / read our interview with the label

A whole heap of new releases highlighted by The Absolute Worst Show / Melvins, Tunic, Cherubs and more

If you’re anywhere near Detroit tonight…The Armed are doing a screening of Live at the Masonic (online screening will also take place) / Ultrapop is out now on Sargent House

Less than 30 copies of Furbidden Planet by Cat Temper left!

Listen to latest episode of Stuck in thee Garage / This playlist has exactly zero Dropkick Murphys songs on it / what it does have is Melkbelly, Steve Gunn, The Bevis Frond, Mission of Burma and Descendents (to name a few)

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