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Slowly putting a little film together which is moving in its own unplanned direction. Going through this footage brings with it a lot of much needed delight / Simon McCorry on I I Laugh, I Cry, out in few weeks on Rusted Tone

Over at Picky Bastards > REVIEW: In Earnest – reasons to stay alive

Over at Treble > Mary Lattimore : Silver Ladders

Over at Turn Up the Volume > THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 New Firecrackers Week 40

Over at God is in the TV > The Longpigs – Mobile Home (Demon Music Group, vinyl re-issue)

Over at Foxy Digitalis > Alister Fawnwoda, Suzanne Ciani, & Greg Liesz “Milan”

Listen to latest episode of In Memory of John Peel Show

Out now on Hream > Music for Mental Health compilation

Out now on Behind the Sky > Moogmentum by Lisa Bella Donna / Synth-stravaganza! – Norman Records

Out now > 10 by Kiffie

Out now > DroneLoaf by Whettman Chelmets / Got a chance to sit down with @wc_helmets ‘ new album of drone Meat Loaf covers called “DroneLoaf” (must’ve been a tough call btwn that or “MeatDrone”), and it’s excellent. His version of “For Crying Out Loud” is both hilarious and terrifyingMarc Masters

Out today on Submarine Broadcasting Company > goii by The German Ocean (h/t there are no birds here)

Up for pre-order via Raw Tonk > ‘Live at Lokerse Jazzclub’ by Dirk Serries / Peter Jacquemyn

New episode of Auricular Shelter happening tomorrow on CAMP Radio! Hosted by Matt Atkins

New episode of Tiny Red Dragons Radio is up now on Mixcloud!

Watch Episode 46 of Picky Bastards

Grab one of the few remaining vinyl copies of Lines by Distant Animals / read our interview with DA + track-by-track breakdown of Brexshitting compilation

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