Track-by-Track // Brexshitting Compilation
Track-by-Track // Brexshitting Compilation

Track-by-Track // Brexshitting Compilation

Brexshitting Compilation

A thoroughly well-conceived release – effective as a deep listen of a commentary exploring a very specific set of cultural motifs, but also as an absorbing journey through musique concrète and noise. The cassette, artwork and research zine weaves the theory of the project together into a original physical record. – Heavy Cloud via Bandcamp

We recently had a conversation with Distant Animals regarding his new imprint Difficult Arts and Music. Their second release is a compilation entitled Brexshitting and we asked DA to give us a track-by-track of that one (or artist-by-artist, if you will).

The main research project was by myself, Dylan Beattie and Antonin Canon. Dylan is undertaking a PhD in experimental lathe cutting, and Antonin is a producer/engineer at one of Brighton’s best studios.

Cracks In the Armour is the solo project of Chris Kuzmiski, a mainstay of the Edinburgh / Brighton noise, industrial and rock scenes. He currently plays in The International Debt, who have just released an EP on Cupboard Music.

Warren ‘Kaninen’ Rasmussen is a composer and engineer from the Faroe Isles – he’s a bit of an undiscovered gem of 80’s synth soundtracks. His soundtrack to ‘Terror of The Mooncat’ is being released by Feeling Better Now very soon.

J.Lynch is a pseudonym of Johny Lamb, who any contemporary folk fans will know from his excellent ’Thirty Pounds of Bone’ project.

Sutter Greaves is an experimental composer from Arizona, who releases music under the name of The Rem. You can find his work on labels like Hreám.

Cyrnaud is the musical offshoot of speculative artist Lucy Finchett-Maddock, aka Cyrenaur. Lucy is also a law lecturer and runs the Brighton Art Law Network.

Powlos is an ambient producer who has release music on the Faint label.

Don Dayglow is a DJ and electronic producer who runs the Particle Zoo label.

Hydra Transmitter is an experimental composer and the head of Xtelyon Records.


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