Dispatches from the Underground / Oct. 2023, Pt. 1
Dispatches from the Underground / Oct. 2023, Pt. 1

Dispatches from the Underground / Oct. 2023, Pt. 1

Bandcamp Friday

Whettman Chelmets haul

New Music

Nightosphere – Katabasis / Ay @nightospherekc would’ve absolutely laid The Bronze to waste – Big Voyage

Brain Load – Mystery (via A. J. Kaufmann)

Le Morte d’Abby – Orbital Mechanics (Triplicate)

Ozean – Fall (via Solilians)

JOBS – Soft Sounds (Ramp Local) (via David Menestres)

Simon McCorry – I the Storm

Poppy H – Nothing is Perfect, Everything is Perfect

Jules Reidy – Trances (Shelter Press) / new hexaphonic jules reidy sounding very much my thingcowsarejustfood

El Perro del Mar – Big Anonymous (via Petridisch)

The Metamorph – Exhibition / Free download / Pay what you Like

Matmos – Return to Archive

Locust – The First Cause (Mysteries of the Deep) / Layered in strata, “The First Cause” is Mark Van Hoen’s ninth album as Locust. Across eight tracks, spectral melodies dance between languid breakbeats, and a formless murmur drifts through the ether. Available via Mysteries of the Deep, October 20thDan Kletter

Suncastle – Lightning Starts a Fire & Rain Puts it Out (Triplicate)

Firestations – Stillness (Lost Map) (via Thomas Ragsdale)

Graham Reznick – Red Leaf

Coen Oscar Polack – A Concrete Pasture (Moving Furniture)

VA – Ghost Stories (Dustopian Frequencies) (via Exit Chamber)

VA – God’s Fool (Submarine Broadcasting Company)

VA – Rental Yields: Volume Five (Front & Follow)

Listening Recommendations

(The) Stalemate – Grand Experiment: 10th Anniversary Edition / old band of Matt DeMello

MV & EE – Green Ark (Ramble Records)

Ether Driver – Psychedelic Ghost Stories / It’s October; the spooky season is officially at hand! A perfect time to dive into new music full of monsters, madmen, zombies and ghosts! My album Psychedelic Ghost Stories is just such an album! I wrote and recorded most of it last year during October, so the vibes are right! Happy Halloween!

Besta Quadrada – The First Four Weeks / #NowPlaying C’mon mutherfuckers, get hurt on purpose! Short and sweet kickass hardcore from Besta Quadrada in Buffalo, NYDan Kletter

Dole Fam – deux homages (cut up for Cage & Berio) (Difficult Art And Music)

Susan Geaney / David Lacey – Tempf (Fort Evil Fruit) (via odubhda)

The Cube of Unknowing & Adam Flint – Seen Through Cirrus (Fort Evil Fruit) (via odubhda)

Stereo Minus One – Lodestone / aka Machine Records founder Dan Haines

Bongripper – Satan Worshipping Doom (via De Selby)

Brad E. Rose – I’m Scared of Dying (Room40)

VA – Zum Audio Vol 5 (Zum Audio) (via bran(…)pos)


The Eerie in Dirty Three’s “Some Summers They Drop Like Flies” (via Recliner Notes)

The little-told story about the BART seat-slashing gang that was part of an upholstery racket (via Dan Kletter)

Devo’s Future Came True / Half a century after Devo began singing about cultural De-Evolution, the visionary new wave band would have preferred to be wrong

Pluralistic: Google’s enshittification memos (03 Oct 2023)


Bandcamp codes courtesy of worriedaboutsatan!


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