Dispatches from the Underground / Sept. 2023, Pt. 3
Dispatches from the Underground / Sept. 2023, Pt. 3

Dispatches from the Underground / Sept. 2023, Pt. 3

New Music

Twilight Fields – Everybody’s Been Burned / Something I released a few weeks ago — a Byrds/Croz cover version. Seems a popular one to cover, but my version may have something to offerAllister Thompson

Kingston University Stylophone Orchestra – Live to Tape at Visconti Studio (Spun Out of Control) (via David Soulscorch)

Melenas – Ahora / Super excited for the new Melenas album which will be released next week!Ezra Brooks

Cupid & Psyche – Spirit (Felte Records) / Final single out TODAY, jam those hard as fuck beats, with killer killer killlller guitar work. For Against jamming with Garbage…..imagineJoe Trainor

Flooding – Silhouette Machine (The Ghost is Clear) / if you dig Sprain, Karate, Harvey Milk and MovietoneJoe Trainor

Ilyas Ahmed – A Dream of Another (Geographic North) (via Dan Kletter)

VA – Of Ambience and Americana (Centripetal Force) / A sampler focusing on the more ambient and Americana side of the label. A few unreleased surprises on there. Pay what you want. Spread the good vibes.

Listening Recommendations

HDRF – Industrial MoodsEnclosure Three recommends…This album from @horrordwarf is fascinating. Unique, completely “souverän”, someone who is completly in the know and floating along. I really am amazed!!!DJ SpaceTerrapin

Sonny Sharrock – Many Mansions / checked the tapes, and deciding to fuck with ‘many mansions’ was possibly the best idea we’ve ever had as a nonbandJoel Berk

Shane Parish – Undertaker Please Drive Slow (Tzadik)

Kuusumun Profeetta – Kukin kaappiaan sel​ä​ss​ä​ä​n kantaa (Ektro Records) / I managed to get my hands on one of these. Reissue of the year? Quite possibly. It’s gorgeous timeless music whatever Kuusumun Profeeta (Moon Fog Prophet)HiveMarc


‘It was like Blade Runner meets Berlin rave’: the Manchester sink estate with the UK’s wildest nightclub (The Guardian via HiveMarc)

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