Dispatches from the Underground // July 12, 2021
Dispatches from the Underground // July 12, 2021

Dispatches from the Underground // July 12, 2021

Coming in August via Submarine Broadcasting Co. > Greg. N performing Terry Riley’s “In C” on instruments collected from flea market + documentary premiered at Tusk Music

2021 Summer Jukebox – Part 2 presented by Turn Up the Volume > featuring Big Time Kill, The Moonlandingz, The Pop Group, Moon Duo and many more

Happy 4th anniversary to Dear by Boris

RIP Napster – shut down 20 years ago – no comments from Metallica yet. We’ll keep you updated

Just one copy of self-titled by Small Forward left in Forged Artifacts vault >  The band has since gone on hiatus and we’re going to miss them. Widescreen indie pop from LA.

See also – 5 tapes for 20$, a sale that never ends

New release happening on Falt label soon > IIº part of trittico called “MICRO” (via marie.e.le.rose)

FRIDAY :: 071621 > new awaymsg music / ‘i’m glad we are friends’ (out on Raund Haus)

HD version of Computer Music Demonstration by Incentive is now up on Youtube

Review of S/T by Asemix via Foxy Digitalis > Illuminating the inside of Asemix, the collaborative force of Mari Maurice (aka more eaze) and Nick Zanca (aka Mister Lies), are ideas in constant motion

Hear (and read about) fuzzed out funk of Goat (Swedish band, that is) (via Beats Per Minute)

Not new, but still worth checking out…sounds of desert oases, late night radio broadcasts, village calls to prayer, and riverboats drifting down the Niger river – tape/digital via Sahel Sounds

Mugs (and other merch) from Keeled Scales label

The “Re-Accidental Falls” tour by Eyelids kicks off at Slim’s Last Chance in Seattle on Oct. 30 > The members of Eyelids are indie rock royalty. Consisting of musicians who share, or have shared, the studio and stage with The Decemberists, Guided by Voices, Elliott Smith, Quasi, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks and many more, this talented group has logged plenty of time in music’s major leagues. (clture.org)

Premiere of a music video for last man standing by Renjā – tomorrow  at 11am PT / 2pm ET on Vapor Memory (via New Motion)

Coming up hot! Upcoming livestream by HausMo this Thursday – featuring RXM Reality, Moth Cock and more


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