Dispatches from the Underground // January 6, 2023
Dispatches from the Underground // January 6, 2023

Dispatches from the Underground // January 6, 2023

New Music

Steve Hadfield – Piano Vignettes (Waxing Crescent) / My latest for @Waxing_Cres_Rec is sold out in cassette format but as of today is available on streaming sites if that’s yer bag. Piano morphed into strange ambient and a sprinkling of glitchy rhythms

Sayveeyun – Idiot Wind / Let’s go. Very slick stuff here from @sayveeyunlighght

Pierro Bittolo Bon – Spelunker (Chant Records) / Solo saxophone like you’ve never heard it before 

Landing – Subscription Series Collection 02

Them Beats – Tha’ Album (Vivarium Recordings) / you kidding me this is a full length? i’m ON IT <3 / you should be too, reader!Petridisch

Buck Curran – Delights and Dangers of Ambiguity (Improvisations 2017 – 2022) (Obsolete Recordings)

Shahab Zargari – New Oddities (GC Records)

noface – the saida sessions (Aether Sound) / remembering one amazing kittyheckadecimal

Labrador – Hold the Door for Strangers

Something new from Lavender Sweep (via Andy AVAV Systems)

Listening Recommendations

The Fall – Dr Buck’s Letter (via NoiseCrumbs)

All Them Witches – See You Next Fall (via Doomsayer2001)

Bibio – Vignetting the Compost (via Repeated Viewing)

Sussex Telecom – Limited Company (Third Kind)

Low – I Could Live in Hope / I decided to get into Low, a band so many friends love but I just hadn’t listened yet. it is WILD how exactly my kinda thing this is.. I wish I’d been listening all alongDavid James

Orange Lemon – Dreams of Santa Anna / Had no idea Todd Terry did a cover version of Babe Ruth – The Mexican (and it was a huge tune at the time as well!)Mr. B

The Feelies – Crazy Rhythms / Well bootlicking McCarthy may have failed 11 times over the last few days but I’ve listened to this pop gem 12 times over the last few days & me & my monkey have accelerated heart rates & damp sharkskin suits – Normals Books

Music Videos

Molly – Balerina (via Sonic Cathedral)

Radio, Mixes, Podcasts

stellar spectrograph 1-5-23 / hey gang, last night’s broadcast of s t e l l a r s p e c t r o g r a p hJohn Whitney

Women of Ambient – Jan. 23 (via Marine Eyes)


Gene Tripp – “Blurry Clouds” / There’s an affecting weight to Gene Tripp’s work, an edge that hangs on the songs like rain clinging to the air in the moments before a deluge. “Blurry Clouds” saunters on its strums before an undercurrent of synth threatens to swallow its tailRaven Sings the Blues

The Sound of 2023 – Part One (via God is in the TV)

Five Things We Liked This Week (via For the Rabbits)


Download codes from brusalan + some details on new album

No Bandcamp Friday this month, but all albums by Damon & Naomi are pay-what-you-want

More PWW albums – this time via Neurot Recordings

January sale at Bricolage!


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