Dispatches from the Underground // August 23, 2021
Dispatches from the Underground // August 23, 2021

Dispatches from the Underground // August 23, 2021

Take a peek into a new album by Forest Robots / out next month on Elm Records!

Then take a peek into into self-titled by Starburster / out next month on Knife Hits Records

Something new from Sound Holes!

If you’re anywhere near London on August 27…see this year’s edition of Raw Power Festival (put together by Baba Yaga’s Hut) / featuring Gum Takes Tooth, Pet Brick, Scorn, Sex Swing, Pye Corner Audio and many more

Out in two days > Brutality Garden. Vol​.​1 compilation / Brutality Garden presents its first V/A album featuring Erva’s kuduro-driven hyper-pop, Ostrowski’s improvised meditation on juke and gqom, Clinamen’s and T’ien Lai’s frenetic, polyrhythmic afro-house. Artists define their distinct yet diverse musical style as „konk”

Out now on Chant Records > Letters to Afar by The Klezmatics / This is The Klezmatics as you’ve never heard them – deeply rooted in the traditions of klezmer and experimental avant-garde musics; filtered through Brian Eno, David Torn, Duke Ellington, Morton Feldman and electronica

Out today on Submarine Broadcasting Company > seasonal hits by hyacinth. / ltd to 22 copies. hazy dream pop beats inspired by @Alchemist & @ssaliva_

Out now on Clay Pipe Music > Andrew Wasylyk – Balgay Hill: Morning In Magnolia (h/t Bill Barnett)

Out today on Highbrow Lowlife > 2 new albums by Pete Murphy!

Up for pre-order > Sea Souls by Anna Phoebe / deeply personal love letter / psychological dive into the sea / guest appearances by Phil Manzanera, Héloïse Werner and more (h/t alex (assasinofsound))

Strange Waves #9 ready for ya right now / 120 minutes of uninterrupted experimental, electronic, drone, noise, kosmische, field recordings, sound art and psychedelia / music by Ignatz Höch, I Was Listening To Tapes In Tokyo, Ingrid Plum, Anton Mobin & Graham Dunning, Ivy Nostrum, Simon McCorry and more

Over at Birthday Cake For Breakfast > a/s/l: STUCK / Remember those time-wasting, laborious quizzes that everyone used to love so much? Birthday Cake For Breakfast is bringing them back! / This Week: Greg Obis – guitar and vox in STUCK – answers a series of inane questions!

Over at Backseat Mafia > Album Review: Goat – Headsoup 

Over at Signifying Something > Episode 010 – Seth Graham (Orange Milk Records)

Over at Spectrum Culture > Review of Dressed in Borrowed Light by Clara Engel

Over at Organ > Monday morning, way too many pianos, Crass people doing Lewis Carroll, Frieze London is on, a new Caravan album? Here and Now, 35 oranges from Whitechapel, Passengers and whatever the in-box offers today

Over at Monolith Cocktail > Our Daily Bread 463: Makoto Kubota & The Sunset Gang ‘Hawaii Champroo’

Over at Dagger Zine > Cruzados- She’s Automatic! (Scamco Records)

Over at Foxy Digitalis > Lucy Railton & Kit Downes “Subaerial”

Over at UbuWeb > Rhys Chatham (with Glenn Branca, Nina Canal, Wharton Tiers – Guitar Trio (1977) (Recorded Live, 5/79 NYC)

Over at Records I Like > Techno & Electronica Mix Q2/2021

Over at Treble > Six Great New Metal Albums that provide some much-needed primal scream therapy (h/t Jeff Terich)

Read August newsletter from Metal Postcard Records + primer on how ambient music might help one to deal with rough patches in life

Pre-order via Norman Records/ Shimmy Disc / Joyful Noise > Neither Is, Or Ever Was by Constant Follower / The limited-to-500 release features all sorts of folk, Americana, and dream pop influence

Listen to a guest mix made for Blue Star Radio by Grey Frequency

Check what’s on the radar of On the Fringes of Sound

A free download for a time! Spirare by Robert Scott Thompson / originally released in 1995

Something new from Seil Records!

Listen to Guitars Nova, Episode 032 of Tiny Red Dragons Radio / featuring music by Pat Metheny, Calvin Keys, Fred Frith Trio, Sonny Sharrock, Catriel Nievas and more


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